It’s almost Valentine’s Day – why can’t I find gay cards?

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…and its going to be hard to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day for your partner! Last year, I got my girlfriend a card with two puppies sleeping on it, becuase cards for us LGBTQ folks are not carried in most stores. In doing research for LGBTQ cards, I came across several interesting facts.


1) Hallmark only began to make LGBTQ cards 2 years ago.

2) You can only buy them online.

3) Most of them are not really for LGBTQ folks, but are non-gendered or have animals in place of gays. (Great way to use the old “if gays can marry soon sheep will be able to marry too” imagery, Hallmark.)

4) Any other “gay” cards I found were not really for gays and kind of offensive…see?



So, onward into the recesses of the internet I searched. I also lurked through the aisles of a few…ahem…”adult” shops, but didn’t really find any cards there either that weren’t offensive or clearly geared towards straight men. (No offense, dudes.)


What I did find was that you can order LGBTQ cards on Etsy or Cafe Press, and you can also check out the website “a little to the left” .com. This site for LGBTQ greeting cards was founded by a lesbian woman who felt just as annoyed as us that she couldn’t find a card for her partner in the store. Well, okay…you really still cant find LGBTQ cards in stores, but at least you can order them! Or, do like my girlfriend and I and make your own card! Or…order something today – time is running out!


And I absolutely love them on her!

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Nicole Kidman, and the rest of the A list world, have been popping up at the Cannes Film Festival over the past couple of days to prepare for a grueling week of film previews, partying, picture taking, partying, a few parties, relaxing on the beach, partying, partying on the beach, and partying on the beach while relaxing and taking pictures during movie screenings.


Sorry, do I sound jealous?   I’m sorry, that’s probably because I’m completely jealous.


Photos have been popping up all over the web as celebrities make their way into Nice, France for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival that is held each year, and has increasingly grown more and more popular with each event.    Nicole Kidman showed up with a new hairdo, and an outfit that leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of newfound love for this woman.


Talk about a big difference huh? I never realized how big her forehead was lol


Nicole Kidman has always been graceful in my eyes-  her career in the Hollywood light has, for the most part, always been on the up and up.  Things have been rather quiet in regards to Nicoles career the past few years, but her star power shines through when something as simple as some bangs thrusts her right back into the A list spotlight.


Nicole has a very unique face and jaw line,  so it is very interesting to see how her stylist has incorporated bangs into her look.   I think they work wonderfully on her face, the question is whether or not Nicole will grow tired of them quickly and ditch them for an easier style-  bangs are alot of work, you can’t just roll out of bed and expect to walk out the door looking like this.

Kyle Turris beats lundqvist to tie series at 2

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In what was a very hard fought and well played game for the Rangers, Kyle Turris lifted the Ottawa Senators to a 2-2 series tie on his snipe in overtime that squeaked past a deep set Henrik Lundqvist.   The game was a hard fought battle from start to finish, with what looked like an easy victory for the Rangers after jumping ahead 2-0 by the end of the first period.


Not much Ranger fans can be upset about in regards to the actual play of the game-  Henrik Lundqvist was solid, the Rangers played their game, all 3 lines contributed-   but we lost.  We got beat by a beautiful shot from Kyle Turris, on a beautifully executed play.  We don’t need to find excuses for anything here people, this is what the sport of Hockey is all about;  the true competition between 2 teams to see who will come out on top.  I bleed blue, but I can also accept a loss when it was handed to us fair and square.


People immediately jumped on Lundqvist saying he was too deep in his net on the OT goal, and you can’t let a shot like that in etc etc.    I’m not going to disagree with people, and Lundy will say the same thing,  but that doesn’t mean the weight of the loss falls right on this guys shoulders.   If you want to go shot for shot I can assure you Henrik has saved our asses way more times than he has lost a game for us.   You take the good with the bad, and you give credit where credit is due.  Henrik Lundqvist was deep, Kyle Turris recognized that as he picked up a beautiful drop pass at the top of the circle and let a snipe go that sailed over the glove of Henrik.



Game 5. Saturday. 7pm. Madison Square Garden. Rangers take this series back home to show the Sens what a hockey arena is supposed to feel like during playoff hockey.

Like a bad accident, I can’t stop staring

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There are two things wrong with this video-

1- the fact that the mother let her cute, fair skinned daughter go tanning with her

2- no one should ever be that tan!


When I first saw the thumbnail to this video, I thought it was going to be a black woman who had adopted a white girl. When I watched it, I realized that the woman was white too!! Is it even possible for white people to get that dark? There is nothing natural about this!! As I watched it I started wondering if she really had tan skin or if she was just a huge blob of melanoma skin cancer.


I am all for looking a little sun kissed.  A healthy glow can be good for you. But this woman just took it too far!  And her daughter is beautiful and so cute.  It’s a shame that she is going to grow up thinking that tanning is just a way of life!


Here is a collage of other people who are way too tan


I have a tip for all of you-


Romantic butterfly hair

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I just thought this was so clever.  It looks like little butterflies in her hair. All you need are rubberbands to create this look too.  So fun, so cute, so unique!

Everyone’s doing it!

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Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July.  I had a very relaxing day home with my fiance. This weekend we have a party though and I am looking forward to some BBQ food!


Now, let’s talk hair!  The high bun is all the rage these days.  You are just not cool if you are not sporting one ;)  You can wear is messy, sleek, with a bump in front…there are so many variations!  Have you tried this look out?  I seem to like to go for the messier look.  The sleek, neat one makes me feel too much like a ballerina lol.


Everyone from Jennifer Lopez, to Kim Kardashian, to Mila Kunis have been spotten sporting this style recently. It’s a very sophisticated look and really easy to achieve!  It also makes for great beach hair!!

A witty video worth your 2 minutes


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Watch Pes turn items we’re all familiar with into some yummy guacamole.  It’s a clever short video – and it makes you hungry for some guac… enjoy!