What channel and what time?  we have all the details for you

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Use this Channel-Finder provided by NBC Sports to find out what channel the games will be televised on in your area(pure genius move NBC, you’re finally learning)


The #5 seed Detroit Redwings take on the #4 seed Nashville Predators kick off Game 1 of their series tonight.   Look,  I’ve been around hockey a long time, and if there is 1 team that you can NOT sleep on in Playoff Hockey,  it’s the Detroit Redwings.  Their history of winning, combined with the overwhelming support throughout Hockey Town this time of year is insane.


Playoff Hockey is different than regular season hockey, you hear people talk about that all the time-   Playoff Hockey in the Detroit barn is exactly what they’re talking about,  magic happens in that place-  and when they’re dressing a healthy All-Star team every night it’s gonna prove tough for any team to run through the Wings in the postseason.

A solution to balding hair!

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I cannot tell you what they are saying, but they seem to be laughing a lot!  What are they doing?  They are using Caboki!


What’s Caboki? It’s a product for men or women with hair loss.  It is made of natural fibers that stick to the hairs that remain on the head, making them thicker and cover more space.  It is wind, rain, sweat proof too! You can see from the video how easy it is to use.


According to their website, it is totally natural looking and no one will be able to tell you are using it!  The best part is, they have it available in several colors-


Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown


Dark Grey


You can either spend $40 for a 50-75 day bottle, or $20 for a 25 day bottle. Check it out here.


Though the video I posted here is funny, it actually seems like it is an excellent product and I’m very interested to see if any of my readers have used it, or know someone who has!

Make her look brand new again

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I used to always comb my Barbies hair and we all know that once you comb out those curls, that is it!  They are gone forever….or are they?! Apparently if you follow this video you can restyle your Barbie’s hair back to new!  Now the girl in this video is only going for volume, but if you added heat to the hair in the final process then you would have a curlier result!  This makes me want to get out all my old Barbies from the basement and start getting to work!

Can they even do that?

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At 4 years old, Marcella Marino asked her dad, a hairdresser to make her feel like a princess for her school pictures.  Never did dad think that this would cause his daughter to be banned from the class photo!


In honor of Marcella’s favorite pop star, Lady Gaga, her dad recreated the famous hair bow using all of her beautiful blonde hair. The school was less than impressed by this look.  Apparently they have a very strict dress code that states bows can only be worn if they are blue or maroon ribbon.


Funny, because I would have lashed back saying ‘she’s not wearing a bow, it’s her hair you idiot.’  But that’s just me.  The little girl was devastated and came home crying. I don’t blame her.  It’s not like she is trying to get away with wearing a mini skrit, or fake lashes, or red lipstick.  She wore her hair in a cute bow on top of her head. All you are doing by telling her she can’t do that is preventing her from being herself. Aren’t we supposed to be teaching kids to express themselves?


I mean, look at her!  She’s absolutely adorable!  She is causing no harm. And might I add that I am quite impressed with her dads skills!


Oooh gurl, youve got SHEmail!

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Hello Queens! Grab your sparkles, tuck your manliness and get your spanx on over to RuPaul’s website today to apply for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!


The application process opened up on March 7th, and closes soon – so hurry! There’s a lot of crap you have to fill out, and you have to show them TEN different looks! Get you tapes in today – first come, first served! Yummy!


You could be the next human swiffer, Sharon Needles or Jujubee!

Smoking Slippers

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Although I love a good classic ballet flat (they have come to my rescue many times), I am so over the look of them. It is so refreshing to see smoking slippers taking over for flats this season. My personal favorite are these silk leopard print number by Charles Philip Shanghai. You can find them at Bloomingdales for $135.

It wasn’t all sunny skies and blue water!

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Welcome back…hope you all had a great weekend!  I spent most of it catching up on all my work, but now I’m ready to give you all brand new articles, like usual ;)

Besides the beautiful beaches and sites of Haiti, San Juan, St. Maarten, Antigua (seen here in above photo), and St. Kitts…there was plenty more to see while on a 12 day cruise with my darling fiance.

First of all, let me change the subject and start off by saying that its very hard to keep your nice, bright, pink hair color while on vacation. I’m not used to washing my hair on a daily baises but when you’re on a beach all day and swimming in the ocean you kind of have no choice.  Thank goodness I decided to bring my Chi Chromashine color with me.  I re-dyed my pink hair twice while away, and I am so glad I did! Now when we get back all our professional photos from the cruise, I know my hair is going to look fab!


Okay, back to all the interesting things I noticed while cruising the ocean for almost two weeks….


1- Royal Caribbean International is for old people…like really, really old people.  We were the youngest on the cruise by at least 25 years! Granted, my fiance and I enjoy our time alone together, so we mostly kept to ourselves. However, when the only activities they are offering on the cruise include arthritis seminars, napkin folding 101, bingo, or instructions on how to look 10 years younger today….you know you’re in for a lot of money spent at the bars! haha  That brings us to topic number 2…


2- Having your hair braided on the caribbean islands was cool when you were 12, but when you are 50+ I’m going to have to give it a big thumbs down. Unfortunately I am not smooth enough to snap photos of people as they walk past me without them knowing so this photo was just taken from the internet…but after our first few stops to the island, this was the look that many of the ladies passing us by in the motor scooters (I’m not kidding!) on the ship were rocking.  I even spotted an older man, about 65 years old with the back of his head beaded and braided. It had me giggling a lot!


3- It’s the islands people! It’s much closer to the equator and if there is one thing I remember from 5th grade science, it’s that the equator is closest to the sun. This means an 80 degree day in Haiti is going to feel a lot warmer than an 80 degree day in NY.  With that said….remember your sun block!! After our first port, I would say that 60% of the passagers were walking around with sun burns.  We actually started with 30spf, but when we realized we were still getting too much color with that, we bought 50 spf.  Believe it or not, we still got color!


4-Okay, so you remembered the sun block…but did you forget how to put it on?! Streaks everywhere!  First of all…the sun block is not more effective if you don’t rub it in.  So don’t be the idiot on the beach walking around with white cream on your nose. It’s not attractive and it’s not making any difference. Secondly…make sure you get it everywhere! Don’t use it sparingly. Cover all your grounds or you’re just going to look like a hot mess!


5- Who knows…maybe there were more people our age but we mistook them for over the hill on account that their skin looked like old, brown, worn out, leather shoes!  We actually sat next to two sisters from NJ who looked like this.  It was scary.


Aside from all these lovely sites that kept us on our toes, we had a wonderful vacation. The weather was perfect, and relaxing was all we did! I am so happy to have had that much time alone with the most wonderful person in my life. We enjoyed a perfect Valentine’s Day and even celebrated 8 years together while sailing the ocean. <3