Kim and Kanye,matching AGAIN!

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Kanye seems to be taking his lyrics a little too seriously. Apparently he and Kim are going by his “all black, everything” request. I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of these two matching all the time, it’s just a little too much. Do you enjoy seeing the happy couple and their coordinating outfits everyday, or have you had enough?

Feds raid ‘Birdmans’ house and rumors run rampant

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Yeah, not gonna lie, this is creepy.   Not that I followed the guys career much, but I can’t say I ever expected to read a story about the Feds knocking his door down and seizing all his personal electronics property.     I know a lot of people are saying ‘you can’t jump to conclusions yet’ since it’s all brand new and nothing has been 100% confirmed yet- and I’m right there on that level… but ya gotta admit, this is pretty serious stuff.

He’s been absent since the raid, missing games with his team, and the Nuggets have completely excused him indefinitely from any team functions until things are cleared up.   Andersen hasn’t exactly been a key player for the Nuggets this year, so this whole incident doesn’t hurt the Nuggets all that much; however any sort of outside interference issues like these always tend to have some negative impact on the team as they continue to play while dealing with the media controversy at hand.


As things unravel, we’ll keep you posted.  The weekend is here, and I’m ready to start enjoying myself.   I’ll see you all back here on Monday

From hot mess to Glamour girl!

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nicole Richie? I think of her fabulous fashion sense, her ever expanding fashion brand(s), and an adorable, young, fashionable mom. In the most recent (June) issue of Glamour, Ms. Richie is featured in a fabulous fashion shoot looking as gorgeous as ever. I almost forgot what she looked like when she first entered the public eye. Do you remember when she was just Paris Hilton’s hot mess bff on The Simple Life?

Can you believe this is how the fashionista behind House of Harlow used to dress? Granted this was a while back, it is so far off from the classy retro look that she sports today. She’s definitely come along way!  I’m thinking everyone has their ups and downs, and it looks like Nicole has certainly matured as she’s gotten older.  Everyone does things when we’re younger that we’re not proud of… hers just happen to take place on a reality tv show infront of millions of people.

Mrs. Carmelo Anthony chimes in on her husbands unfortunate moment

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“I was like ‘Damn, that looks like it hurts, (Melo) shook it right off, but it was just an unnecessary foul. The guy was mad about something else. In the States you wouldn’t be able to get away with something like that.”


That quote from La La Anthony comes courtesy of the New York Daily News. This was in response to Melo (her husband) getting, for lack of a better term, hit in the nuts against Argentina. These Olympics have been marred by various players taking cheap shots, but this is the first reaction we get by the player’s wife. And in the end, the lady is the most important when it comes to these types of matters.

Floral-Printed Jeans

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My sister has been complaining to me all weekend that she “can’t find floral-printed jeans anywhere for under $200″. As soon as she said that to me, I took it as a challenge. We all know that I am OBSESSED with printed pants, and floral jeans rank as one of the top subs in my category. I am obsessed with the 2 pairs above from Topshop, and though the pair from Forever XXI are less colorful than I prefer, they are still adorable and WAY affordable! Would you wear floral printed jeans?

For the best explanation of American sports, we simply go to Taiwan

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So the Taiwanese have these videos they put out every time something interesting happens in American sports. I’m not sure if these are meant to be a joke or this is actually how they attempt to cover our culture. Plus I’m pretty sure some of the kanji in there is Japanese, not taiwanese. But then again I know nothing of the Taiwanese language. Anyway, this actually the best explanation I think I’ve ever seen about Ron Artest, this is what happens when ESPN is your only other source.

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied were back in black at the New York City Ballet Gala!

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We all remember the dramatic role that Natalie Portman played as the Black Swan herself in the infamous Black Swan movie. Not only was this an Oscar worthy role for Natalie, but it was on that set where she met her husband, dancer Benjamin Millepied.

Last night, the couple went back to Lincoln Center where it all started. Natalie looked stunning in her black gown, even if she wasn’t the prima ballerina.