heads up to all my migraine sufferers out there! This could be your solution

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Sorry to my heavy drinkers,  this article doesn’t pertain to those kinds of headaches- we’re talking about chronic migraine sufferers that have daily migraines so painful they could take down a horse.  DailyMail reports on a growing trend and apparent cure for those suffering from chronic headaches.


I fortunately do not suffer from chronic migraines, but a family member of mine does and my heart breaks for her whenever I see her suffering from the debilitating pain that attacks her for no apparent reason.    The concept makes sense,  in the article they explain how accessing the area just behind the eyes gives the Doctors the easy access to the sensory nerves that they have found are one of the leading causes for chronic migraines.


The surgery would allow the Doctors to relieve any excess pressure that might be resting on nerves or blocking blood flow,  causing a constant hindering of pain. In some cases, they have found just opening the area around the eye up presents a completely new playing field for them,  in which they are even able to see things such as ‘a band around a nerve, or a nerve that comes through a hole in the bone instead of a notch’ ;  both proven to cause the migraines.

So you see migraine sufferers,  people do care about you, and Doctors are out there trying to find a way to rid you of this unfortunate and terrible pain.


Nicki Minaj  is now even cooler!

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Mattel has honored the ever so talented Nicki Minaj with her very own Barbie Doll. It’s a one-of -a-kind doll, just like Minaj dressed all in pink, of course…with it’s very own pink wig! The doll will NOT be found in stores though, so if your crazy kid is looking to get it for Christmas, think again.  The doll will be auctioned off though a benefit for Project Angel Food which is a benefit providing food and clothing to families effect by HIV and AIDS You can bid on it now through December 19th at charitybuzz.com. The bidding will start at $1000, so have your wallet handy!

Minaj has told Bollboard that it’s a “major moment” in her carreer.

The doll is Minaj to a ‘T’!  It’s like a pink fairy of awesomeness! I would LOVE to have a Barbie made after me one day….a girl can dream!




Super Cool Yarn Display in Seattle, Washington!

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Check it out!


The other day my home girl Wanda (hey girl hey!) shared this picture on Facebook and I fell in love! It is a Yarn Bombing! As a street art fan, graffiti bombing  lover and adorer of pretty colors – I flipped for this! This Yarn Bombing took place in Occidental Park in Seattle Washington a few months ago!


Now the state that brought us Starbucks, Reality Bites and a lot of rain is even COOLER!


It turns out that Yarn Bombing is a trend now, with festivals dedicated to the art form! There is even official National Yarn Bombing Day every year in June! Maybe we should Yarn Bomb something in a Rainbow – like a republicans office’s lawn or a Chick-Fil-A!


Any takers?????

Another online retailer making money off of the recent tragedy in Colorado!

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We told you yesterday how insensitive CelebBoutique.com was by using the #Aurora trend on Twitter to sell dresses, but CafePress.com is arguably worse by creating these ridiculous “remembrance” thongs.  Now, while items sold on CafePress.com can be created and sold by anyone, the company should definitely be regulating what is sold under their name. Since an uprise of negative comments has come to their attention, CafePress.com has removed these thongs from the site an issued an apology.

So this is Arnolds 17 year old son Patrick


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So little Patrick over here caught my eye because I’m absolutely loving his haircut.  I know, it looks too high, a little too fluffy etc etc.  I’m with you on that,  but I think for a well dressed 17 year old kid who just seems to exude confidence….  I think the cut is perfect for this kid.


What do you guys think?  Does Arnie have some childhood photo competition in the near future when spending time with the grandkids?


Congrats to my cousin

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Congratulations to my cousin, Samantha and my new cousin Ryan on their marriage! Despite the down pour of rain and thunder that began just before the ceremony ended, it was a beautiful wedding!  I have never seen two people smile so much!

Samantha looked absolutely stunning. She decided to wear her hair up since we knew it was either going to be hot as hell, or rain that day.  I think she made an excellent choice.  She had her hair pulled up in curls, the viel sat right under the curls and she softly swept the front back to the side.  I tell you, her hair didn’t move all night!

To the Bride & Groom: I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  I hope you smile every day like it is your wedding day! Ryan- Welcome to the family!!



There is nothing better than to celebrate your happiness and your love with your family!

There is also nothing better than dancing with your 7 year old cousin on the dance floor!!

Have you been to the Brooklyn Flea Food Market?

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What is the most delicious spot in New York on Saturdays from 10am-5pm?  On the Williamsburg waterfront between North 6th and North 7th St., at the East River… because this is where you’ll find Smorgasburg taking place!  Smorgasburg is an outdoor food festival in Brooklyn, or a Flea Food Market as they like to say.  With 100+ vendors, there is a guarantee that everyone will find something to tempt their taste buds!  Booths boosting prepared food isn’t the only thing you’ll come across – there’s a Greenmarket with around 8-10 farmers and their fresh produce, vendors selling kitchen and household products, and packaged food ready to be grabbed on the go.  This food extravaganza will run through November – and the cool fall weather is a perfect compliment. (the fest does run rain or shine though!)    Subway, bus, car directions