‘Today was a good day” -Ice Cube

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As expected, there were tons of celebrity appearances at the Staples Center last night to watch the  LA Kings raise the Stanley Cup in victory.    David Beckham, James Gandolfini, Zac efron blah blah blah.  You know who my favorite was?   Ice Cube.   How great is this picture?   Father and son rocking the sweet matching afros and Kings apparel in support of their hometown heroes.



The rule with these Pics of the Day is that we keep them short and sweet.  Single picture, quick summary, and hit the publish button.  Well,  I’m breaking company policy today.   Ice Cube, ‘Today was a good day’… is there a more perfect way to break the company rules?  Nope. I think not.


“I gotta go cause I got me a droptop, and if I hit the switch I could make the assssssssss drooooop”

And she still looks amazing

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It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote about Olivia Wilde going blonde. Now she has been spotted sporting beautiful waves and a fantastic ombre.  Thought the blonde was nice, I did like her with the darker hair better…I guess this is the best of both worlds huh?


I know this isn’t a fashion site.  We have weFASHIONny.com for this…but I can’t post this photo without commenting on how much I love her outfit. She took a super casual tiger printed t-shirt and made it feel sophisticated. Love her…just lover her!

Okay, well her face does at least!

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Keeping with the last botox article, I thought I’d post something that would lift women’s spritis a bit! Sometime back in May Teri Hatcher posted on her FB wall photos of herself coming right out of the shower.  She wanted to prove to the world that you can be beautiful without make-up, surgery, implants, or botox! Watch as she expresses her face to prove she has not been pricked with a needle.


In an album titled,’Oy with Botox’ Hatcher wrote in part:

‘Out of the bath getting ready for bed. Thought about all those damn critics of my face. Love it or hate it, my face that is, no surgery, no implants, no matter what “they” say. Decided I’d shoot myself in to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.’

‘Did I every toy with fillers or Botox over the years? yes. Tell me does this look Botoxed to you?’

‘Oh look I can raise my eyebrows and wrinkles show up on my forehead.’

‘I can look both ways too.So I guess I”m safe to cross the street then’

‘Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL’

‘I can be mad, or confused or sad and tired. Julia Roberts had that same vein in her forehead in Eat Pray Love. Proud of Julia for being a real woman on a real journey.’

‘Hope you learned something. You create your own paradise or prison. Being happy inside is all that matters. Find that in whatever way works for you. See something in the mirror you love every day.’


Teri, you are my new hero! I have always said that I am going to allow myself to age gracefully!  I know in Hollywood it’s probably not that easy. I almost feel like I need to bow down to her for keeping her cool all these years!  She is a stunning woman and at 45, I will feel proud to look half as good as she does!

Edible crazes of the past year

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Twenty-eleven… a year chock full of food trends, some that will probably have a lasting impact – and others that we can certainly do without!  Let’s send 2011 off with a list of 11 of its crazes we’ve seen in the last 365 days:


1. Green Juice & Fresh Pressed Juice – a member of the “superfoods” trend.. not only for the health conscious – they’re getting more and more flavorful and attracting the taste buds of foodies as well!


2. Gluten Free – for the wheat protein intolerant, the options for this diet are expanding tremendously and you can pretty much find whatever you feel like eating in a GF variety.  Don’t be fooled though – this is no weight loss trick.. just because you cut out the gluten doesn’t mean you’ve cut out fat or sugar!


3. Locally Sourced Food – we’re all about going local – sustainability people, sustainability!


4. Organic everything – from veggies to meats organic is the buzz!  We’re on the path towards eliminating synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from our diets.


5. Revamping School Lunches – we have our sights set on balancing the diets of America’s youth.  Getting these kids on the path towards nutrition!


6. Artisan products – specialty foods and stores are big now… no more mass producing of things, we’re going back to  hand-crafted with high-quality ingredients.  You’re taste buds will absolutely hold onto this trend.


7. Move Over Cupcakes – Whoopie Pies and Macaroons took the sweetness spotlight this year.  They had a place in every bakery and coffee shop and started appearing in some fancy new flavors too!


8. Bite Size Everything – from cake pops and mini sweetie pies to tapas style dining and soirees filled with mini ceramic spoons boasting a single bite of yummy’ness, Tiny was the big thing.


9. DIY Canning – or as Nonna calls it “putting up” {like for the winter}.  Whatever you’re calling it canning, preserving, pickling, it made a comeback!


10. Apps for the Appetite – OpenTable lets us make a reservation on the go, UrbanSpoon gives us great spots to eat depending on our locale, and GiltCity allows us to dine at some of the hottest spots for a fraction of the cost.  Smart phones are on top of their game when it comes to filling our bellies!


11. Eating For A Purpose – Youth? Strength? Sex?  What did you purposely incorporate into your diet this year, just to reap its benefits?  Maybe pomegranate, açai berry, or goji berry… Sweet potatoes were big as a healthy alternative… As was Nutmeg for its aphrodisiac properties for women… even Blueberries shined with their fabulous antioxidants!



Spots spotted on 57th Street!

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57th street and 5th avenue was seeing spots on Tuesday. I mentioned this fabulous collaboration launch yesterday, but I had no idea the store would be so spotted! Check out this images from the launch!

In a polka dot fashion, artist Yayoi Kusama showed up decked out in her own designs and covered in spots, literally from head to toe! I don’t know about you, but my goal this week is to check out the store, will you be there?

Magazine cover boasts some of the top LGBTQ out stars of the day

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Last week, Entertainment Weekly focused solely on LGBTQ actors in Hollywood in their issue ‘The New Art of Coming Out’. This issue was brought to my attention by my awesome friend “R”. In the issue, outing in Hollywood is discussed, as well as how coming out is not the same as it was back in the day for Ellen DeGeneres.


According to EW mag, for more on the “new” style of coming out — including how David Hyde Pierce, T.R. Knight, and Neil Patrick Harris helped to pave the way, and how some celebrities are currently struggling with maintaining a not-out-but-not-in “glass closet”  you can check out the magazine issue in print or on your iPad!


Other celebs profiled include Wanda Sykes, recent outie Jim Parsons, lesbian Glee goddess Jane Lynch and more! This issue is not to be missed!

Holy makeup!

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Now THAT’S what I call a makeup collection!  Imagine organizing this?  This reminds me of some makeup artists who never setup prior to starting a job, they just have this big messy bag of makeup that they have to sift through in order to find their next product.


I hate that!   Be professional, set yourself up so that you can get that bride out of your chair and on her way as efficiently as possible.  The Bride has a million things to do on her big day, so make her life a little easier knowing that she has an organized and professional stylist working on her look.