Hot lipsticks for spring!

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This week marks the start of Spring! Hard to believe since we never actually saw Winter…I’m not complaining though! And what better way than to celebrate with a cute cuddle kitten amongst some pretty flowers?

With Spring comes lots of new trends. It’s time to step away from the deep red and brown lipsticks shades and step into lighter colors.  What’s hot this season?  Coral, Hot Pink, and Orange are the three colors to try this year.


Go for the Hot Pink if you have a bold personality.  You have to wear this color with confidence. It’s not for everyone…but if you can pull it off, it looks amazing!


If the pink is not for you you can try  the Coral.  It’s a little more subtle. It’s the perfect in-between for those that don’t think they can pull off with pink or orange.


Orange is my favorite this spring.  It’s really making a name for itself this year…not only in make-up but in fashion all together!

Tattoos and horns…oh my!

Keyword: vampire woman, tattoo, horns, body art, self expression, domestic abuse

She woman tells the true meaning of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  According to a little bit of research I did after falling upon several videos online of her, she was from an abusive relationship.  After divorcing her husband she decided to tell her story through her tattoos.  Each one of her tattoos tells a story.  She has four eyes on her knee that represent her children and how they are always watching her, she has tattoos on her face to represent her mom, and some that represent what she went through as a victim of domestic violence.  She is looking to start a charity for battered women.  And here you probably thought she was a scary lady, huh?  Don’t be ashamed…I did too at first!


Check out some of these photos-

It’s funny because after hearing her story, I see her in a whole new light!  Please feel free to view other videos of her on youtube.  They blocked a lot of them from being shared, unfortunately. There are a lot of very interesting ones on their that tell her story really well!  Check them out!!

My moment with…or as, rather, Beth & Paige.

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Few people in this world know about my strange and passionate crush for two very special Long Island women – Beth & Paige. And by few people, I really mean my girlfriend and the random person I blurted it out to while waiting at the bank. So when I was working at the awesome John W. Engeman theatre in Northport I was more than excited to see their cardboard cutout of my ladies! I was able to pose with my girlfriend as my two lifelong…uh, well, year long (that’s when I started banking there) obsession with my banking beauties.


I love you ladies too! Oh wait… that’s the “Bethpage” B. Now this is not an endorsement of Bethpage Federal Credit Union but more so a tribute to these two awesome gals. Now my mission is to find out more about them and locate their actual personas. (or their fake ones too.) Do they have a Facebook? Are they real? Stock photos? will find out! Any tips are greatly appreciated! Heheh.

Presentation is everything!

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Even though Christmas has now come and gone, the holiday parties continue well into January!   Have a brunch planned?  Or just want to add a little holiday cheer to your kids’ breakfast this week?  Try our Butterscotch Sticky Bun recipe – but instead of slicing the roll of rough into separate pieces, shape the rolled rough into a circle {pinch the ends of the circle together so they’re connected}, and make slices along the outside rim – avoiding the center of the circle.  Then fan out the pieces so they look like a wreath and bake!  Drizzle with icing {which can even be colored red, green, or blue for the holidays!}.  Check out our Butterscotch Sticky Bun Recipe!! {and substitute the Pillsbury dough for the dough of your choice, or make it from scratch – the more dough you have the bigger your wreath will be!!}

What would you do?

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Can you imagine leaving the salon like this?  I would NEVER let any one leave my job looking like this.  I can’t say that I have ever ever seen anything so terrible before…and I’ve seen a lot of botched hair cuts. This takes the cake for sure!! If a client walked in and specifically asked for this, I’m not even sure I would know how to  go about getting it to look this way haha. My cat could have given this girl a better haircut.

You know when clients come in and say “I just want like 3 or 4 layers”…as if they are count-able. Well, you should have this picture handy and say “You mean like this?!”

I apologize to the girl in this photo.  No one should be forced to go out into public with such an awful hair cut.  I sure hope she was able to get it fixed!

Questions answered

Keyword: makeup geeks, foundation, q&a, skin

Thanks to the Makeup Geeks for this lovely video on foundation.  All your questions are answered here.  How to pick your most perfect foundation takes a little trial and error, but with the help of these two ladies, you should be able to narrow your selection down a lot!  Thanks girls!!

Let’s discuss this!

Keyword: white liner, eye liner, line eyes

How many times do you go into the makeup store and pass over buying a white eye pencil because you just don’t quite understand what to do with it?  Well, you should learn!  It is one of my obsessions.  It can really transform they eyes.


No I am not telling you to apply it to your upper lid like I used to in 8th grade, back when a thick line of white liner across your lids was in.  Black liner around your lids with pale lips were also in back then and I don’t think we want to go back to that look!! So where do you apply white liner so that it makes your eyes really pop and look beautiful?  The water line!!

If you are going for a very natural look then just got with white on your waterline and a little mascara.  It will look like the “no make-up look” but will make your eyes look really awake and sharp.

Or you can make a really dramatic eye stand out even more. She could have easily just placed black in the waterline like most people do, but then her eye would have looked really closed off. The white helps draw your attention to all the beautiful details involved in this artwork.


What I am really getting at here is that white liner is nothing to be scared of.  Embrace it!!  It will really add a lot to your makeup routine!