First look video of Gisele for David Yurman!

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Gisele Bundchen is arguably the MOST beautiful woman in the world. When David Yurman was choosing a face for their ad campaign, they definitely knew that she could only make their jewels look more stunning. This video is a sneak peak as to how gorgeous the images will be. All I can say is your welcome!

Derrick Rose is done for the season after tearing his ACL

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They say a picture says a thousands words. I’m not sure who said that originally, but they were right. Derrick Rose is out for the year, the Bulls will not have the reigning MVP for their postseason run and team USA will not have him for the upcoming Olympics. Rose has been in and out of the Bulls lineup all season with various nicks to his body. But this time it is official DRose will not be playing for Chicago for what may be a long time.


Whether it was the strike shortened season, or just ware and tear, Roses’ body has taken a beating this year. It remains to be seen if he can ever be the same player again.

Ocar de la Renta revamps Beats by Dr. Dre

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Talk about a crazy collaboration! Who would have thunk that one of fashions most influential designers would team up with one of the most well known names in the music industry? (We’re not talking about wannabe fashion designer Kanye!) It seems like an unlikely pair, but Dr. Dre and Oscar de la Renta have produced once heck of a product. These limited edition headphones are covered with silver fox fur and are equipped with handsfree calling and a travel case.

Would you pay $695 for these ?

Tony Parker rocking the rec-specs

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A couple of months ago Tony Parker messed up his eye because he got involved in some fight involving Chris Brown and Drake. Apparently the feud was over whose music was worse. The real loser in this brawl was Tony Parker, who somehow is friends with Chris Brown. He got his eye busted and now he is forced to wear these goggles in the Olympics. I thought France was supposed to all about fashion, but if their biggest star is wearing rec-specs I am going to have to question that.


Spice Girls announce London Musical

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The Spice Girls posing in London to announce the launch of their new musical(which will only be playing in London). The AH article says that its the first time they’ve all appeared together since 2008.   Gotta be honest- they all look damn good for not being in the public eye for the past 4 years.


Usually stars will get comfortable and relax and ‘let go’ when they’re finally out of the Hollywood Limelight-  but these women look like they’ve been in the gym and beauty salon everyday since.

If not for the Joe Johnson trade, Deron Williams would be in Dallas

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“I was really close to going to Dallas, I actually thought that’s where I was going to go. I had the meetings and it kind of changed my mind because once I got out of the meeting with Dallas and saw the way they way were going and the team they were putting out there and I saw that we just made a trade for Joe Johnson and I felt like that team for a longer time would be the better team. Joe got me over the hump. I’ve never played with anybody like him, a guy on the wing that can get his own shot and also get me involved and is a great defender. We could one of the top backcourts in the NBA for sure.”


Those are the words of point guard Deron Williams, the man the Brooklyn Nets so desperately needed to retain to remain relevant. Now what is interesting is that D-Will is giving Joe Johnson a lot of credit here. While Johnson is still a top 10 shooting guard, he is nowhere near the level he was at four or five years ago when he was averaging 27 points a game. On the contrary Deron could be playing with Dirk Nowitzki, already a champion and a league MVP. D-Will feels the Nets will be competitive for longer than the Mavs, and in the end that is what swayed him to stay in Jersey……err, Brooklyn.

Bebe launches bridal collection!

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Last week Bebe launched their brand new bridal collection online and in their flagship stores. The overwhelmingly positive response that the brand received from the in-store launches and in the social media world shows that the brand definitely hit a high note with their customers. The line consists of wedding gowns starting at $950, bridesmaids dresses starting at $169, and bridal accessories as low as $20! Check out par of the collection here!