Newspaper Nails!


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What a fun, unique trend this is! Click here to read more about how to get this look!



nail file

base coat  & top coat

light colored nail polish (white, cream, or light gray work best!)

strips of news paper


small dish


1- Cut the strips of news  paper big enough to cover your nail

2- Shape and file your nails to you own desire

3- Paint them with base coat, then nail color of choice

4- Once they are completely dry, pour alcohol into small dish and dip your nail for 10-15 seconds

5- Firmly press newspaper onto nail. This must be done quickly before alcohol dries. Best to do one nail at a time!

6- Slowly peel paper off

7- Continue until each nail is finished

8- Paint top coat for lasting power!


Your result is a newspapered nail!  How cool?!!

Our new sister-site

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The week I left for vacation two new sites were born to the family; weHOOPny, and wePRIDEny.  Hoop is dedicated to all things basketball. If you or a loved one is a die hard basketball fan, I suggest you check it out!


The site I am here to tell you about today is our new PRIDE site. I hold this site very near and dear to my heart since I have so many people in my life who are in a same sex relationship. Since there happens to be  a large chunk of my fans who are gay, lesbien, trans-gender, etc…I thought it would be a great time to share this site with you all. I am proud to announce that has been going strong for almost a month now.  Here is where you can go to support all things LGBTQ. Read the latest politics, trends, fashion…etc.  The lovely Miss Furey, who runs the site is a beautiful talented lady (as is her gorgeous girlfriend!). She has been a friend of mine for many years and I am happy to turn some of my fans over to her site. So please take the time to check it out and have pride in your fellow friends and family.  Support all kinds of love <3



And don’t forget about our other sites:,,,,

It’s Friday Everyone!!!!

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I feel like this was a very long week so I am very happy that is is Friday!  I get to pick up Fozzie today and take her back home, which makes it an even better Friday!!

This trend is growing

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This is a pretty big change for this blonde bombshell.  She jumped on the ombre trend by dying her ends a deeper blonde, or a light brown…depending on how you look at it. I think it’s a nice change for her.  She seems to always wear her hair the same way, so sometimes change is good…even if is a slight one.

The ombre trend is really taking off.  I even did a few colors like this over the passed week.  We think these ladies are showing it off with style-

There is no wrong way to achieve this look.  Make it as drastic, or as simplistic as you want! Go crazy, go ombre!!



The Singe Haircut

Keyword: haircut, fire, singe, over-comb

I honestly still have my chin on the floor after seeing this! Modern Salon posted it yesterday and I just had to share it with all of my fans. This barber was fearured in MokenaPatch from Illinois. He uses a flame!…yes…a FLAME…with a comb to cut mens hair.  He calls it the ‘Singe Hair Cut’.  I call it ‘crazy!’ lol Is this not dangerous?  And let’s be honest here…isn’t the smell of burnt hair one of the worst smells ever?  Nevertheless, it’s still pretty cool to watch!  Check out Moder Salon for more info and a shot video clip!

Non compete agreement sends one truck a’packin

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Property managers at Starbucks Center, in Seattle, Washington, are keeping a watchful eye on food trucks dishing out goods to customers.  The business opportunity is so great for these trucks at this location that they have to sign an agreement before being allowed to secure a spot on the property.


One donut truck dared to sell a different brand of drip coffee – big mistake – and was forced to pack up and go.  Though Starbucks doesn’t own the property

Knicks season comes to an end with many questions for the future

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The Knicks lost in Miami for what would be the final time this season. There was no Amare punching a fire extinguisher, there was no cries for Jeremy Lin. There was just a team of players that would not be together again. We know Amare, Melo, and Chandler will be back. Hopefully Iman Shumpert will be back in time for next seasons first game. But everyone else is up in the air.



First off, the most important component on who should not be brought back by any means. J.R. Smith. Oh boy was it nauseating watching him miss shot after shot all series. 3-15 in the game and a minus 20 point differential. That last stat means the Heat had 20 more points then the Knicks when Smith was on the floor. Send him back to play in China, he does not have a role on this NBA team.



Mike Bibby will be gone and Baron Davis unfortunately will not be able to play next season with his injured knee. Steve Novak will most likely be brought back unless he demands an absurd pay check. Yet nobody is quite sure at the moment what kind of contract Jeremy Lin will be getting. That said, it seems almost definite that he will be the starting point guard once next season rolls around.

That leaves one more prominent Knickerbocker. That would be Landry Fields. Landry was blasted on twitter following the Knicks loss. Come to think of it, he has been ridiculed all season for his declining skills. We may have seen the last of the Stanford grad in New York.



There is so much that could change once next season comes around. At the same time the core will remain exactly as is. The most important move of the offseason will also be the easiest to make. Resign coach Mike Woodson. Do that, and the rest will follow.