Why would they change them?

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Remember this beautiful pink and red box of the best bobby pins out there?! (If you’re a hair dresser, you do!)  Well you won’t be finding this packaging anymore as the brand changed it.  They claim they only changed the packaging, bit they are totally lying!


I worked a wedding two weeks ago and still had a box of these left.  My girlfriend working with me had run out and bought a new box and it was the newer packaging.  She proceeded to tell me about how not only did the box change, but the bobby pins themselves did too!

Why is this a big deal? Well because now they suck!  Plain and simple!  Now the pins are too thick and you can’t open them as easily.  Plus the little nob on the end falls off super easy.  We all know how useless a pin is without that piece! WHy did they mess with a good thing?  It’s very frustrating for us hair dressers to have things constantly changing on us like this. There was nothing wrong with the old pins.  Yet if you ask the company they claim they only changed the packaging.  I don’t think so!!!

Now that the NHL All Star Break  has come and gone the league is back at it again


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Now that the NHL All Star Break weekend is over, I found myself pretty bored last night with nothing to watch as players returned to their teams and got back to practice.  The quest for the cup continues and it starts tonight and you can bet your unborn children that I am going to be in front of that TV tonight watching my team keep their first place record.


I heard some trade rumors floating around and in some form I don’t want to see him go but at the same time would love to have this guy in a Rangers Uniform.  Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan McDonagh, and a pick for the all mighty, get ready for it…. Rick Nash.  Yeah I said it a Rick Nash, can you imagine that power-play?  Nash, Richards, Gaborik, Garadi, and Stephan.  WOW, but I wont get my  hopes up until I see a little spark in the upper office here.


I hope you all enjoy the numerous games going on around the league tonight and I will give you all the action and stories you need on Wednesday.  Until then Game On!

Her own line of lashes!

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I’m surprised it took this long for her to do this! Katy Perry will be releasing her very own line of false lashes some time in February. After wearing Eylure lashes through her whole tour she decided they were the best choice for her. You can tell she was very hands on with the development as the packaging is a ’40′s style theme….so Katy Perry!


There are four varieties to choose from: “Sweetie Pie” which are natural-like lashes, “Oh, Honey”- a richer, thicker set for a night out, “Cool Kitty” a cute shorter set for your day time outings, and “Oh My” which kind of explains itself ;)


Ulta will be carrying the line for only $6.99. I just might have to get them all!


Now the real question is: When is she going to come out with her own color line?!

The ginger is back!

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It’s about time! Lindsay finally went back to her natural ginger color and I couldn’t be happier! Not that it should be her goal in life to impress me, but I do think she looks so much better this way! She was spotted yesterday leaving a Beverly Hills salon with no more blonde locks! Lohan has attempted several colors during the course of her career…brunette, blonde, red….and here she is again! Why someone would ever change their hair color when it’s as beautiful as her natural color is, is beyond me…but we are happy to have her back :) Maybe the change in her hair color will spark a change in her behavior!

Can brunching take over clubbing???

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View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.


What brunch used to be, in some spots, is no longer!  Forget a quiet peaceful get together with a couple close friends, where you gently sip on your mimosa or bloody mary and munch on eggs benedict and finger sandwiches.  You may start out that way… but then… Cut the lights – Cue the DJ – and bring out the dancers, the flares, and stand up on your table!



Beaumarchais, located at

409 West 13th Street New York {212-675-2400} is currently one of the hottest brunch spots around – having played host to many celebs including Christina Milian for her bday bash!



At Beaumarchais the day starts off as one of the more classier brunch spots in New York…. but then that dirty beat takes over and the venue switches into high gear!



When you see them pull those drapes shut prepare yourself {which means make sure your shoes are either off or strapped tight, no one wants to twist an ankle on the table and make sure your glass is filled up} because one of the wildest boozy parties is about to begin. Strobe lights, girls in underwear, sparklers, costumes… it’s all in a day’s brunch!




Twitter and morons don’t mix…or do they?

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When I saw this posted up online, I loved it! Rick Santorum, republican moron extraordinaire posted a tweet stating…


“An unborn child  is a human life, and like any one of us, worthy of basic dignity, respect and protection.”


Riiiiiiiiiiight. To which smarty pants awesome guy Daniel Velazquez replied


“So are homosexuals, but I don’t see you respecting them or their rights. #justsayin”



Well put Daniel. That kind of made my day. I wonder if he replied to it. Jerk.

Happy Birthday!

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Yesterday marked the 29th birthday of the infamous Nicki Minaj. The young rapper/singer has never fallen short of impressing us with her style, so please enjoy this collage of photos of all the unique looks she has inspired us with!



Hope my fans have a great weekend!  See you all back here on Monday with fresh new articles just for you! ;)