Give your treses a break, will ya?

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We all know the kind of damrage blowing out your hair every day can do. And using the flat iron can make it even worse! So it’s nice to give your hair a break every now and then.  But maybe your hair isn’t the type to dry well on its own. So what do you do then?  Here is a tip!!  When you get out of the shower, comb your hair, add a little product like some Kenra Silkening Mist, or Moroccan Oil, or maybe you just want to do a mouse.  Then flip your head over and wrap it in a towel.  Keep it wrapped until completely dry!  This is not something you can do if you are in a rush.  But if you have plans for Saturday night and have all day to get ready, wrap in the towel and go on with your daily chores around the house.  Or float around Facebook for 3 hours (we’ve all done it!)  The towel will soak up the moisture, but it will help keep hair tame so you won’t have any frizz! Plus, your hair will thank you for that break from the blow dryer!


Have a great weekend! I know I will! Celebrating Christmas with my Dad in NJ!!


A throwback, a hope, and a prayer

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I was only 10 when Mark Messier etched his name into the history books, guaranteeing and delivering a Game 6 victory over the New Jersey Devils in the 1994 Stanley Cup Playoffs.   I remember the entire postseason like it was yesterday.  To be 10 years old and watch in awe as Mark Messier carried an entire NHL team on his back.


It sends chills down my spine now just flashing back to those nights in my living room, parents telling me I need to get to bed with like 10 minutes left in the 3rd period of every game. I was a pretty good kid, but my parents knew they were fighting a losing battle,  I wasn’t going to bed until the games officially ended.

Yummy pumpkin beauty treats


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I am a pumpkin addict!  I wish that places served pumpkin pie all year round!  Pumpkin beer with the cinnamon around the brim is to die for.  I just love everything pumpkin.  It’s not fair that it only gets a few short weeks between the months of October and November to make its presence. Buuuuut…since it’s here I’m going to bask in all the pumpin glory I can!


Sephora has a few pumpkin products including a yummy lip gloss, but here I featured Philosophy’s Harvest Spice pumpkin orange shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. It’s pretty much autumn in a bottle!



Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Puree smells so yummy, I almost want to scoop it out and eat it with a side of whipped cream. I have found the best place to get this product is  The reviews there speak for themselves!



O.P.I has an array of polishes in the orangy pumpkiny color but I found Ginger Bells to be my favorite. Again, the best place for this is Amazon or check out for a listing of all their colors available right now.


Scatterbrained Running Late Monday Blues

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I’m not sure if it’s the heat, my overloaded schedule, the fact that I had too much coffee already today, or that it’s just Monday… but I am running late for everything I need to be doing and can’t remember a thing.  At one point before I was actually pivoting on one foot in a circle because I couldn’t remember which direction I needed to be going in to do what!  It was more embarrassing than productive.  Ever have a day like that?  Chalk it up to a blistering hot Monday ~ My belly is empty, where can I find delicious wings and fast?…. *pauses in the car to figure out which way to exit the parking lot….*

It’s about time he cleaned up his looks!

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I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Ashton looking hot again! He is such a sexy guy and he really let himself go in the last year. I had lost all hope for him ever returning to my “hot celebrity list”, but as of last Wednesday he is back!  According to an interview, the make-over wasn’t his idea though.  Apparently it was the show ‘Two and a Half Men’ that had him do it. Thank you to whoever pushed him back in the direction of sexy!

The Hunger Games Capitol Couture

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I really didn’t understand the Hunger Games hype until I started reading the books. With a super busy schedule, and an extra busy week, I have managed to finished 2 and a half of the 3 book series….since Friday! These books are really impossible to put down, and after reading, I am stoked about the moving coming out next month! Lucky for us fashion folk, the brains behind the Hunger Games have spearheaded a fashion phenomenon; Capitol Couture. Capitol Couture is a website that takes us into the futuristic fashions of the Hunger Games, and with the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte involved with the operation you know it must be good!


Perhaps our girl over at can fill us in on how to get these fab makeup looks!? And we know will keep us from going hungry!

dark, sexy, beautiful…and possible tattoos?

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by Kukula

Right now I’m on a bit of a goth-meets-Galadriel-anime-broken-doll art kick. I admit it – I love street art (especially political, renegade style art like Bansky – side note: watch the movie ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’) and am looking to add another tattoo to my already large collection. I’m picky about tattoos – I have been inked about 20 some-odd times, mostly by one awesome man named Irish Jay at Tattoo Lou’s in Coram. Jay’s the one who did my back piece…



This pic is old, and since then I’ve added quite a bit to behind my ears and neck, shoulders and such. But I’m looking to add to what I think will by my arm. Hence the obsessing over powerful-beautiful in their own way, girl-girl style contemporary paintings. I initially wanted a painting by my favorite artist, Freida Kahlo entitled ‘The Two Freida’s’



But since I don’t want anything on my leg anymore, and instead on my arm…I’m looking around….enter today’s pretty cool pic gallery. You tell me – whats the best one to get tattooed on my arm?






This is my favorite, courtsey of Official Chola Pin-ups. I kind of want her on my arm more than Freida. Do any of you have beautiful woman tattoos that mean a lot to you? I always also wanted a pin-up! I’m going to run out of room!!