This printed blazer is sure to charm it’s way into your closet!

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I recently saw an article on about the prominence of printed blazer’s for 2012. That article inspired me to find the perfect printed blazer that I an actually afford. After searching for hours, I finally came across this fabulous blazer from Zara.

Although I absolutely love how this outfit was styled, I really wish I was able to find a photo of this blazer on it’s own. I love the idea of mixing prints, however I wish I was able to translate how this blazer could jazz up a simple outfit without all of the noise.

This blazer may only cost $129 but it looks like a million bucks. Be daring and mix the floral printed blazer with some animal or tribal print, or simply throw it over a little black dress for an quick update. Either way this blazer (or one like it) is a must have for Spring.

Derrick Rose is done for the season after tearing his ACL

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They say a picture says a thousands words. I’m not sure who said that originally, but they were right. Derrick Rose is out for the year, the Bulls will not have the reigning MVP for their postseason run and team USA will not have him for the upcoming Olympics. Rose has been in and out of the Bulls lineup all season with various nicks to his body. But this time it is official DRose will not be playing for Chicago for what may be a long time.


Whether it was the strike shortened season, or just ware and tear, Roses’ body has taken a beating this year. It remains to be seen if he can ever be the same player again.

Lady Gaga brings back the meat dress!

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We will never forget the time that Lady Gaga showed up at MTV’s Video Music Awards wearing a dress, headpieces, and shoes, made completely of raw meat…

…and then there was the time that she wore raw meat once again on the cover of Vogue Japan.

And now, Lady Gaga has once again brought back the infamous meat dress while performing her song “Americano” in Japan. The kooky songstress tweeted this fabulous picture of her meet-clad self which was taken by acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson. I think this is the only look that the Mother Monster herself has ever repeated, so I guess meat is kind of her thing. Weird. Crazy. Gotta love Gaga!

Knicks and new coach Mike Woodson make Danny Granger and the Pacers eat their words

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Before the Knicks began their home and home mini series with the Pacers this weekend, Danny Granger had a few choice words for the struggling franchise in New York. He referred to the upcoming contest with the Knicks as “very winnable games.” Well he was right, both games were very winnable for the Knicks as they blew out the Pacers while winning both games.


The New York bench continued the dominance it has had for what feels like over a month now. J.R. Smith had back to back strong games off the pine, scoring 16 points the first night and 11 the next. Steve Novak had 7 combined threes over the course of the two games. And to make Danny Granger look even worse he had just 11 and 9 points in the two games.

Now of course not everything was perfect for new coach Mike Woodson. Melo and Stat continued to struggle. There really is not much more to add to that. Both have looked mediocre for most of the season and neither really have an excuse now that D’Antoni is out of town. But it has only been three games under Woodson, so I will give them a tiny bit more wiggle room before I go all out on them again.


Baby Valentine’s Day shoes!

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These hand-painted shoes are perfect for your little Valentine! Find them on Etsy for just $28!

Despite playing for just a month, the starting role is still for Jeremy Lin

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Mike Woodson went on the Michael Kay show yesterday and assured Knicks fans that Jeremy Lin is his starting point guard. Now there are two problems with this. First off, the Michael Kay show is one of the most horrid things on the radio. Luckily my buddy who was listening relayed this info to me. And secondly, and probably more importantly, Jeremy Lin is not New York Knicks property.



Woodson said that Lin wont lose his job because of his injury. That would be all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that Lin is a free agent. The Knicks can match any offer made to Lin, but if it is too rich for their money he may not be retained. For that matter he may not want to come back, New York might just be too mainstream for him. Hipster jokes aside, all we can do now is sit back and wait to see how this one unfolds.

No words.

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I truly have no words for how terrible this is….

a.) Why was Robyn even at the Grammys?

b.) ew.

c.) ew.

For the degree of disdain that I am feeling for this look, Robyn is the only person on my worst dressed list for the Grammys.