I really wanted this to be so much cooler than it was

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I’ve spent entirely way too much time writing this article- and it’s not because it needed that much time, rather , it was because I watched every 3D chocolate video that has ever existed on the internet to this present moment.   I’ll summarize it as easy as I can for you:   cool novelty gift, an effect that looks better on letters than it does on shapes, and something I can definitely live without.

I may be biased, so don’t take my word for it.  If you’re one of those people that walks around like “man I wish my Nestle Crunch bar was in 3D” then this is the product for you.  It’s cool,  it pretty much layers beads of chocolate on top of  one another, slightly altering the height and angle at which it’s dispensed from the machine-  giving the chocolate art it’s 3D effect.


The machine is cool to watch. Pretty amazing to think this company built a machine to work so intricately to create some pretty cool culinary art.  I don’t know,  maybe I’m just having an off day-  when I saw the original link I was ecstatic, and then the further I got into it the more let down I was.  The video is yours to enjoy, and the machine is almost for sale; although I don’t think we’ll be seeing 3D chocolates on the shelves any time soon, something tells me they have some kinks to work out before it goes into mass production.


On a side note(and I swear I mean this in the most sincere way possible) the way that Dr. Liang Hao says the word “technology” in that video makes me want to shrink him down into a little chocolate scientist action figure and carry him around wherever I go.

Check out the :33 :35 and :40 second marks in the video up above to hear the good Dr rattle them off like he’s getting paid for it.