Two men holding hands circa 1940 in sun-glass ad!

Keywords: rayban, sunglasses, gay, men holding hands


Check it out! This totally inspiring ad is from Sun-glass maker Ray-Ban, and features a handsome same-sex couple holding hands while strolling through the city circa 1940!

It’s part of their “never hide” campaign started in 2007, which is now including the LGBTQ community! The ad features passer bys frowning at the duo who stand strong. Sad that sometimes it still feels this way. Especially in other parts of the country. Check out the full scree, full color shot…


The ad campaign features a series of well thought out, cool commercials of people who refuse to “hide” in the crowd!


it is said that the ad was inspired by Taylor Mead, an American writeractor, and performer. Mead appeared in several of Andy Warhol‘s underground films and was well known in the hipster world. Check him out below with Andy himself! Very cool!



Their right – gays are so fabulous we should NEVER hide! Rock on Ray-Ban!


So enjoy your weekend, throw on your Ray-Ban’s, grab your lovers hand and stand up for justice! I’ll see you on Monday, with some majorly awesome announcements!!!