WOAH! …A beard that is!

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Hey everyone! I’m taking a moment today to tell you about a really great and fun cause to get involved in! As you may or may not know, we have an awesome brother site www.wePUCKny.com where you can learn all things hockey! Sometimes we share stories, and this is one that I just have to tell you about!


Our awesome reader (and friend) Steph shared this charity with us as her husband is fundraising for them. The New York Rangers beard-a-thon is a contest that happened every year during NHL Playoffs. People can grow a beard (as all the players do until they are eliminated from the playoffs) and ask others to pledge money in support! All of the money goes to the charity of the teams choice, and for the NY Rangers it is The Garden of Dreams. Garden of Dreams is a non-for profit that helps kids (and even adults) with all different types of adversities. From low income to terminal illness, the Rangers fund raise and support everything they do for The Garden of Dreams. The players hangs out with the kids and famed goalie Henrik Lundqvist’s clothing line ‘The Crown Collection’ donates all proceeds to The Garden of Dreams!



This year Steph’s husband is growing a beard and fundraising for Garden of Dreams! This is awesome because it is a great way for the average Joe to use their sports lust for good. So click on over to his page at HERE to support this amazing charity and check out a cute guy with a beard! Best of luck to you Steve – keep us posted on your progress!