Keith Haring, street artist and activist would have turned 54 today.

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Keith Haring, the early 80′s street artist, openly gay man and activist is celebrated today on Googles search page with their “doodle”. Haring moved to New York from Pennsylvania in 1978 and called the city his home. If he hadn’t  lost his life to AIDS, Hairing would have been 54 years old today.

Haring enrolled in the School of Visual Arts and became immersed in the art and social scene of the East Village. It was a vibrantly exciting period from which emerged such artists as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf and a singer named Madonna. Four years after arriving, Haring had his first major exhibition. Andy Warhol, who became his close friend, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Sol Le Witt attended.


Haring was openly gay (YAY!) and often used his art to benefit gay causes. Haring influenced many modern day street and graffiti artists, including Bansky and Shepard Fairey and will always be renowned. He was also an inspiration for Jonathan Larson, creator of the Broadway musical RENT! (“Act up, fight AIDS” came from Keith Haring!)



Want more Keith Haring? The Brooklyn Museum is currently curating a show called Keith Haring: 1978–1982. Brooklyn Museum staff are calling the exhibition – which includes videos, sketchbooks, 155 works on paper, and 150 archival objects – the first large-scale exhibition of Haring’s work.


Thank you Keith, for your art, your words,  your kindness and your ability to bring awareness through art. You will forever be loved and your work admired.


Who wants to do a field trip to the exhibit?