Time to get settled back into another work week

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Welcome back everyone from a great weekend that was spent with great friends, family and of course full of hockey, as usual. I started writing this morning and completely forgot about my Monday Morning Welcome Back article,  so here it is.


Most of you probably know by now from my Welcome Backs articles in the past that I love spending time with my friends and family on the weekend, and every weekend for me starts off in the Ice Rink giving skating lessons.  The big highlight of my weekend was going to 5 Napkin Burger with 15 close friends and family to get a little taste of Astoria Queens.  Everything was great, except for the service at some points (not gonna lie, I went in on the waiter, I mean who waits 30 minutes for a glass of water, not me that’s for damn sure)



Thank god my Saturday night turned out to be a good one because my Saturday afternoon was ruined when the Capitals beat the Rangers to tie up the series at 2 a piece.  What is going on and why can’t the Rangers put this team away?  It makes no sense what so ever.  Everyone’s getting in Henrik’s way and goals that normally wouldn’t go in, are winding up in the back of the net.  We’re scoring goals with this Holtby kid in net, but we need to produce more, which is tough against a goaltender like this.


And we can’t forget how badly we’re getting the short end of the stick on penalties all postseason long; which we’ve paid for big time through the first 2 rounds.  We return to MSG tonight and things better change for the best or there are going to be some very unhappy Ranger fans. Tune in tonight at 7:30 and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.



One team is finding a way to get it done, and that is the L.A. Kings.  With almost a back to back series sweep the Kings are showing everyone who runs this show in the Playoffs.  I liked the Blues all season long but they fell short here, and I know they will be back hungrier than ever next season.  Goaltending fell apart for the Blues down the stretch and I’m sure if they could they’d kill for at least one more game.


The Kings have turned it on at the right time and so has the goaltending for them.  A hot goalie can get you to the cup and Jonathan quick is proof in the pudding.  Does anyone recall that the Kings were the lowest scoring team in the league all year long?   L.A Kings are obviously a shoe-in for the Stanley Cup finals as long as they can maintain their composure throughout Round 3.



Tonight might be the night for Phoenix to end it and join the Kings in the Conference Finals for the Stanley Cup.  With so much controversy going on in Nashville regarding their players missing curfew, the question is whether or not they can battle back in this series and make it one we won’t forget.   Tune in tonight after the Ranger game as the Coyotes try and oust the Predators and move onto the next round.



You know I would save the best for last, HAHA. The New Jersey Devils just won’t seem to go away and have become a thorn in Philly’s side.  I wrote an article last week asking whether goaltending is going to be what grounds the Flyers and sends them packing, and Bryz was no great shakes in Game 4.  The Devils were able to beat Philly yesterday to take a 3-1 lead on the series which should have most of you Flyers fans nervous, very nervous.  With Claude Giroux probably spending next game in the players suite looking down on his team, will the Devils jump on the opportunity to eliminate the Flyers from the Cup run?


We still have tons of hockey left in the season!   Rangers/Caps and Predators/Coyotes tonight.