Can the New York Rangers keep it together tonight to meet up with the Devils for the Conference Finals

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Will history be rewritten tonight? Will we get to see the New York Rangers advance to the Conference Finals like back in the 90′s to play none other than their arch-rivals,  the New Jersey Devils?



With the Devils getting the job done last night, and a good job at that, with working over Philly to bring home the win, the big question remains on whether or not the Rangers can do the same thing tonight.  The Rangers need to spoil the Capitals hopes of keeping this series alive in front of their home town fans so that we can roll right into the eastern Conference Finals for a ’94esque throwback?


I want to be realistic here and say this game can go either way tonight, but I also want to bleed blue and feel confident that the Rangers are going to put it away tonight.  How could they not, this is history in the making right here, they gotta step it up!



It’s time for the Rangers to play their game and play with the lead.  Dan Girardi did an amazing job of shutting down Ovechkin and we need that same effort out of him tonight.  Other players that I think need to step up to get this done are Hagelin and Gaborik.  I am not bashing their game because those two are probably the main reason we put the last one away, but we need consistency out of all these guys tonight.



I am so excited for tonight’s game I am already pacing back and fourth and I feel like I am going to have a heart attack.  All I know is my Rally Helmet is going to be on and in full effect and whom ever wants to share in the Helmet Magic be my guest but you need to tweet your rally helmet pics @wepuckny.   Tune in tonight at 7:30 pm for the game and follow us on twitter for all of the action.