Oohh Bryz Bryz Bryz, what is Philly gonna do with you?

Keywords: bryzgalov, flyers, bad decisions


Aaaaaaalrighty, let’s dig into this guy!   Ilya Bryzgalov,  who the hell are you and what did you do this NHL season?  Let’s recap:

1. Sign huge contract.

2. Get benched for the 2012 Winter Classic.

3. Start playing kind of good.

4. Suck in NHL Playoffs.

5. Play 1 good playoff game, give all fans false hope.

6. Bank shot off opposing teams stick, end season.



Well, that’s about all I have to say here folks haha.  I was texting back and forth with one of my Philly buddies last night- dude was so angry that I honestly thought I was gonna wake up this morning to news of the Police finding Bryz dead in his home, not even kidding.   I don’t have a huge Philly friend connection, but the 3 that I do have literally want this guy dead, and I don’t blame them.



The only people who suck at life more Bryz right now are the Philadelphia Flyers suits that signed this space cadet to a 9 year $51 million deal.  WHAT!?!?  Hands down one of the most ridiculous contracts I’ve ever heard of (besides the almighty rick dipietro).  Bryz is 31 years old in the first year of his contract and he’s already shit the bed-  how beneficial do they really think he’s gonna be when he’s pushing 40?    The guy played great in 2009-2010, but that doesn’t mean you lock a goalie into a 9 year contract!  When are teams gonna learn?



Look at all the new young goalies in the league that absolutely stood on their head this season- Those are the guys you sign to nice short and sweet deals.  As much as I’d love to see every team sign a Franchise Goalie,  they’re just not out there anymore.  Minus Lundqvist, Brodeur, and a few solid backups in the league that can bring priceless experience to a team-  no organization should be signing goalies any longer than 2-3 year contracts, at best!.


Goalies are developing younger and quicker nowadays.  Travel around and watch some high level youth hockey,  Bantam and Midget aged goalies who are being snatched up by Jr A and Pro teams as soon as they are legal.   It’s a saturated market of talented goaltenders out there nowadays, I personally don’t think anyone is good enough to sign to a long term contract anymore,  not when you can sign the new 18 year old fireball for 1//8 of the price.   Lesson learned for the Isles and Flyers, let’s see what team is next on deck to fall victim to the Goaltending Ponzi Scheme.