Now watching: Denise Richards’ Diet

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There’s a bit of scrutinizing going on in the way of Denise Richards.  Richards & boyfriend Richie Sambora were recently at a charity event together – and the press is all over her food intake, or lack there of.  Photos show an über small salad in front of Richards that appears to be untouched.  They’re comparing her plate to Sambora and his daughter’s – who both have rather large salads.


Did anyone stop to think, perhaps she was the only one who ate the damn salad?  And that it was actually the other two plates that were untouched?  Or maybe she was just busy snacking on the basket of breadsticks all night and was already full.  Who cares!?  Richards, in no way, is looking unhealthy or under nourished.  Some people in this world are trim and fit by nature… Give the girl a break!