Belinda’s son celebrates Mothers Day with an amazing article!

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When James Duke Mason, son of Belinda Carlisle from the famed 80′s band The Go-go’s wanted to come out – it wasn’t easy. Long before James came out, the tabloids started to suggest his sexuality at an early age. His mother was already a rock star and full fledged drug addict (now recovered).


James tells oft coming out to his mother in an op-ed piece he wrote this Mother’s Day for The Huffington Post. At only 20 years old, Mr. Mason eloquently writes of his mothers reaction and feeling during this time.


“…once she’d taken a few days to think about it and gotten used to the idea, she was completely and totally comfortable with it, and since then she’s been about as accepting and supportive a mother as I could possibly ask for.”





Check out the rest of this touching story here…


James, we salute you and your mother for supporting and inspiring millions of young LGBTQ people and their families. James says it best in the article…


“…to all the moms out there who are loving enough to support and stand by their children no matter what.”


We couldn’t have put it better!