“Always eat in good company”

Keywords: social dining, social networking, blend about


At the beginning of the month we introduced you to Invite For A Bite, a website that connects women only to worldwide dining buddies so they don’t have to eat alone.   Now we’ve come across BlendAbout.  This social dining service caters to men and women and sets you up with groups of people to enjoy a meal with.


Their website says BlendAbout will schedule group meals for you and 5 other people that share your interests, at restaurants in your area.  Group dinners can also be arranged in areas you may be visiting during work trips or vacations.  Create a profile, enter your food & general interests and BlendAbout will pair you with others who have similar interests.  Just like Invite For A Bite, this is not a dating site.. it’s a means for people to expand their social circles and meet new friends while enjoying good food!