Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith has a lot to say about the loss

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In last nights battle, tempers, Mike Smiths glove, and Michal Rozsivals body were all over the place as the game went into overtime.  After losing in the Conference Finals and putting up one hell of a fight, Phoenix goalie Mike Smith is sounding off about the officiating and wants to see Dustin Browns head on a stick.


After a controversial hit Dustin Brown put on Michal Rozsival after the whistle, Mike Smith had a few friendly tips to offer on how the situation should be handled:



“When Brown gets away with something like that after the whistle — knee on knee, that’s a dangerous play. If Raffi Torres gets 25 games for his hit during the play, this guy should be done forever.”


“It’s disappointing for a season to end like that. It stings. We gave it all we had. We battled hard all season long. It’s disappointing we not only got beat by them but got beat by the officials, too.”


“It’s not just that play, it’s all game long. They called us for three offsides in the first period and none of them were offside. [A Kings player] flipped it over the glass — how do all four refs not see that? It’s not just this game, it’s all season long. They did everything they could not to let us get to this position.


“I’m not taking anything away from the Kings, they deserved to be here, they played hard and they were a tough opponent. But we battled as hard as we do to get to this point, and seemed like everyone was against us. We battled through adversity through a lot of things that went on. But the officiating … if you’re going to be reffing in the playoffs, it’s tough [with] some of the calls that weren’t made tonight.”



Not being biased to the Kings in this series, but to Mike Smith and the rest of the Yotes: ” Tell your story walking, buddy.”  You can piss and moan all day long and nothing is going to change the outcome. Rangers have gotten absolutely hosed in the officiating department, but we continue to press on.


The Kings sit back and rest as they wait and see who they will be playing in the Stanley Cup finals as the Rangers and Devils battle for the series lead in Game 5 tonight at 8pm.