Target target’s gays with t-shirts in time for pride – but you can only buy them in secret!

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Target is lovin’ the gays yet again! The chain store made headlines a few years back when lady Gaga announced they had donated to anti-equality groups. She was so up set by this that she pulled her album and cost them a pretty penny!


Fast forward to today, when Target is trying to make good on the community and the gays. Target put out an “It Gets Better” video featuring employees and,  last year, my girlfriend and I were cast in a national Target commercial featuring actual gay and lesbian couples. They didn’t end up using us, but it was a pretty darn cool experience to be a part of!


Now its Pride season and the retail mega-giant has decided to show its support of the LGBTQ community by selling us some pretty cool, over priced t-shirts! However, here’s the catch….


You can only get them online. They are NOT selling the tee’s in stores.


Maybe their slogan for these shirts should be – “wear it with pride, buy it with shame”. 


This all reeks of using gays for marketing ploys and money. Target will make “gay pride” tee’s, but wont sell them in stores. HELLO – that’s where you make the biggest impact. I don’t know that I’m too into this whole Target t-shirt thing. If they were really proud, they’d sell the t-shirts in stores, not hidden away on the computer. I bet they are doing this because of all the hoopla One Million Mom’s caused for JC Penny and Ellen.


And also – notice how they are only for a limited time – which happens to be during pride parade $ea$on across…hmmm….



I smell a gay rat. Tar-jay? Gaga? Anyone?