wePUCKny Top 5 Playoff Beards taking you into the weekend

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When I came across the photo of Radko Gudas the other day and that serious man beard I couldn’t wait to have a Friday show down for the Top 5 playoff beards going into the weekend.  In the NHL this has been a tradition that has gone on for years, you make the playoffs, you don’t shave until your out.  As you get further into the playoffs some of these guys carry with them some serious hair baggage which we’ve brought to you for this weekends Top 5.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!


Number 5



At number 5 Nashville Predators Captain Shea Weber


Number 4



Mike Rupp shows us his New York scruff.


Number 3



L.A. Kings Dustin Penner not only puts his team into the history books but also tries to put that sweet beard into the books as well.


Number 2



Radko Gudas, even thought he is not an NHL player… Yet, this guy has bragging rights in the man beard category.


Number 1


And wePUCKny’s number 1 beard goes to no other than the man himself, Scott Hartnell. That is one nasty, yet impressive face full of hair he’s got right there.


I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, big game tonight!