“NeverSeconds” blog is a big hit

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Nine year old Martha Payne, from the UK, is an internet sensation since starting her blog NeverSeconds.  As a writing project done with her father, Martha has uploaded a photo each day of the school lunch and rated it accordingly {even down to how many hairs are found in it!}.  She has exploded to over a million hits and school age children worldwide are sending her their school lunch photos with their ratings.



Some lunches Martha is a big fan of, others don’t quite please her palette.   The burger made the cut though, as she points out she got so excited she took a bite before the picture so turned the burger to hide the bite mark.



The above picture was sent from a student in Taiwan and includes Chinese cabbage; Tofu with mushrooms, green onion, carrot, bamboo shoots, soy sauce; More tofu fried and fresh; Egg with sliced onion and carrot; steamed rice and Tomatoes.



This lunch was sent in from Yokohama, Japan… pickled daikon radish and sour plum, steamed sliced okra, konnyaku jelly {“the grey lumpy bits – a high fibre chewy food made from the devil tongue plant. Not much flavour on its own but picks up sauces well”} with a chewy rice dumpling, green beans and carrots with garlic, white fish wrapped in a leaf and steamed, and vegetables and egg cooked with a soy glaze.  To check out other pictures of lunches courtesy of Martha and school aged children around the world head over to NeverSeconds.