Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals kicks off tonight, who will you be rooting for?

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After what in my opinion was one of the most exciting playoff battles in hockey this season the Stanley Cup Finals are officially here.  The Los Angeles’ Kings will face off against the New Jersey Devils in what I believe is going to be a barn burner.  Both teams dubbed underdogs emerged from the pack and will square off for one last quest for the cup.



I am not being biased here because the Devils beat my New York Rangers, but I truly feel that the Kings are going to steam roll this team from Jersey.  We have all come to terms that being able to roll 4 lines is what is going to win you a Championship and guess what guys? Hands down the Kings have this one in the bag.



Let’s not be mistaken this won’t be an easy task for the Kings but you will see them bring a title back to City this year that’s for damn sure.  The feeling from being from L.A, the celebrity appearances, the sure rush of adrenaline from the fans, if that’s not enough to come out and finish this one off and make some history while your doing it, well then I don’t know what is.


So there it is,  I have laid it out there,  my prediction for the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, the Kings will be King once again.  Tune in tonight for Game 1.  Puck drops tonight at 8.