Nassau county and NY politicians screwed up, so now the kids will pay. They need your help!

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Hey folks. Sorry today’s posts are late, but something huge has been going on that needed my time. It has just been announced yesterday by County Executive Edward P. Mangano in a letter sent out yesterday to 56 youth and mental health agencies in Nassau that serve KIDS, putting them on notice that their County funding could be eliminated in 30 days. Those agencies run at least 71 programs in the County, for youth and those with mental or chemical dependency issues. And this will happen on JUNE 18th!


If Legislative Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams and his Democratic Caucus fail to reverse their decision and approve bonding to pay $41 million in tax refunds on June 18, more than 20,000 children will lose youth services they’ve come to rely on for years. This means no homeless shelters for LGBTQ youth, no Pride for Youth in Bellmore, no county funded music programs or youth centers. No more programs for youth who struggle with substance abuse, developmental or other disabilities. This is horrifying.


All of us at some point were a kid – and most of us used community service funding. I am heart broken over this – something needs to be done. So fans – I am begging you like never before. I implore you to please PLEASE call, email, tweet and rally at the legislators in your district. Post this on your friends FB wall, email it to them – we have to stop this.


We as adults, cant let these kids down. Since it seems to be okay when our own politicians willingly hurt kids,we MUST TAKE A STAND. Click here to find a list of all the Nassau County Legislators. Call them all! Tell Kevan and Ed that kids are not pawns in their political blunders. At a time when school cuts on activities, the arts and sports are rampant, how can they even think to take so much away from so many kids – not to mention the future of Long Island…


Here is a letter you can read when you call, email, etc…


Dear Supporter and Friend of Long Island Crisis Center,

Long Island Crisis Center is facing the fight of its life. Nassau County government has told us that if they cannot get approval to borrow $41 million, they will terminate all youth service contracts (this would be a $300,000 loss for the Crisis Center) along with other human service providers. Long Island Crisis Center responds to more than 10,000 crisis calls a year, 24/7. Who is going to be there when that suicidal teen calls us at 3:00am?

There are countless thousands of people whose lives will change drastically on June 18 if the legislature does not act responsibly before then. You can voice your opposition to these cuts by sending an e-mail or making a phone call to your Nassau County legislator and saying:
“I am your constituent. I implore you to find a solution to the current legislative stalemate. Thousands of lives will be impacted by your actions. The community of Nassau County will never be the same. As my elected official, I insist that you and your colleagues find a solution. This catastrophe should not happen and cannot happen. The health, well-being and welfare of our most at-risk and neediest citizens should not and cannot be the bargaining chip. The lives of all of Nassau County residents will be impacted in some way and the repercussions of this draconian and unconscionable solution will be felt for years. You have between now and Monday, June 18 to find a solution. I expect no less from you.”

To find out who your legislator is and get the phone number or email :

Or, call Ed Mangano – 571-3131.

Linda Leonard
Executive Director
LongIsland Crisis Center


Here is a Tweet you can post and share about it…just copy & paste into your Twitter!


@edmangano & Kevan Abrahams attack Nassau kids-cutting ALL funding on June 18! Call 516-571-3131, 516-571-6201 tell them stop bullying kids!

Ed Mangano & Kevan Abrahams  both have Facbook accuonts with public message boxes. Send them a message too by clicking here:


Please advocate. Please share. Please stop this. Even if you’re not from Nassau, or Long Island – you can still call and have your voice heard! How can they do this?