Game 3 of the Calder Cup goes to the Norfolk Admirals on a fluke OT goal

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Yes guys there is hockey outside of the NHL and its closest affiliate the AHL(American Hockey League) is going through their own version of the Stanley Cup.  In game 3 last night the Norfolk Admirals took on the Toronto Marlies and it certainly had an odd ending.


Just to let you know how devastating of a loss it was and how frustrated the coach Dallas Eakins was about the loss he made this comment:

“I would rather somebody take a pair of steel toed boots and kick me in a delicate region than to lose a hockey game like that. That is a tough way to lose.”


Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did because that is definitely a play you go home and kick your dog to.  Tune in later for our TOP 5 to take us into the weekend.