F you, F you, F you, You’re cool, F you!

Keywords: jonathan quick, f bomb, mvp


This is too good,  in all the videos I watched on this, it was hilarious listening to all the news networks and commentators scramble trying to apologize and bleep out the F bombs Jonathan Quick was dropping.  Nope, not in his house, can’t bleep him out-  you bleep, he drops 5 more until the guy in the back room with the bleep button just throws in the towel and quits.



Love all his teammates in the background too, all just laughing their asses off knowing their MVP goalie is just doing the damn thing with not a care in the world.  Seriously, who is going to reprimand this kid?  His coach? the LA Kings owner?   “hey Jonathan, you disrespected the team name, we’re gonna have to suspend you for the first 5 games of next season”  No way!



Kid just single handedly won this team its first Stanley Cup, the entire LA organization is just going to turn their head the other way for anything this kid does.  Short of murdering someone at center ice, Jonathan Quick is living life with a 100% free pass in LA right now.