The Los Angeles Kings sure know how to keep the party going

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The Kings Las Vegas Club Tour is still in full effect and I am so jealous right now it’s not even funny.  The team has moved the party to the Hyde Bellagio where they were once again treated like royalty.  Hyde cocktail servers led the way dressed to the nines in LA Kings tank tops and referee skirts, carrying giant letters spelling “K-I-N-G-S.”



The team entered the club to the sounds of “EYE OF THE TIGER” blasting and lights going crazy as they were whisked away to their exquisite booth where they enjoyed nothing but the best, champagne and cigars.



The Cup made its way home at 1 AM as party pooper’s who call themselves the cup holders had to put it back in it’s case and get it ready for the next day.  There really are a lot of rules when it comes to this Cup, damn man.



According to Las Vegas Review:  We hear a Tao cocktail waitress sort of entered a no-fly zone early Friday when she hopped on a VIP table near the trophy and started dancing. One of the cup’s handlers shot her down.

“That was a no-no. The handlers didn’t want to take any chance it would incur damage,” said an eyespy.


I don’t know about any of you but after watching these guys party it up and the scenes from the club plus the pictures and the music… if I was on the team they would get me on a murder charge because I’d be killing it in the club.