And sort of embarassing.

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Well ladies… its Pride season and you know what that means…parades, rainbows and The Real L Word. That’s right – the show that has you wishing Showtime would bring back ‘The L Word’ is back with another season of moronic lesbian kiddie play. But i’ll still watch.


Showtime has just released new press photos and a third trailer for season 3, set to begin on July 12th at 10pm. This year the show will feature tacky lesbians from both the east and west coast – why New York’s very own girl grunge band Hunter Valentine will be in on the madness. Whitney and Romi are back, along with Kori and Casey (or is it Cori and Kasey?) and the notoriously body greased Sara. (Pronounced ‘Sad – a’, I think.)


Check out the godawful trailer, then read on for more embarrassing info on it.


Is that not some ‘Sex and the City’ wanna be grossness?


“Hi, i’m skanky and a bad lesbian role model, nice to meet you….oh, you too?”


Why are they all acting so stupid?


Why are they dressed like tarts?




And to boot – the song in the background is a Cheetah Girl’s song. Ugh, REALLY?!