Girl can’t seem to stay out of the headlines can she?

Keyword: paulina gretzky, jarret stoll, la kings



Here Paulina goes again, getting at it and keeping her beautiful self front and center for the social media to have a field day.  It looks like Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings is doing the same thing, having a field day down under.  You lucky bastard, what does a guy have to do these days, oh I know play for the LA Kings, make mad money and win a Stanley Cup.  I am losing this race that is for damn sure. Paulina, I wear mesh hats, I like hot tubs, I’m a good looking guy who plays hockey what gives here?


“Paulina Gretzky is dating LA Kings center Jarret Stoll? That’s the way it looks to us. The latest development in the Little Great One’s saga is one we could see coming a mile away. With her most recent Twitpics, it appears Paulina is either dating or just banging L.A. Kings Center Jarret Stoll. They seem to have taken the Stanley Cup up to Canada for a little R&R, and it looks like they are really enjoying themselves.”