Jordan Staal will play along side his brother Eric for the next 10 years

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Not a bad start to the Summer if your name is Jordan Staal.  Imagine you are up at the alter getting married to the girl of your dreams you are making great money all of your close friends from the league are there with you and you hear you are getting traded, but not to any old team but to go and play with your brother in Carolina.  Not too bad huh? And now the story gets better.



Jordan Staal was offered a 10 year $60 million contract which should lock him up for the remainder of his NHL career and who better to do it with then your big brother.  That contract sounds familiar doesn’t it? because it should it is the same contract that the Pittsburgh Penguins offered him before Shero decided to trade him away to the Hurricanes.



Staal had 25 goals and a career-high 50 points for the Penguins last season. After being dealt to Carolina, he said he wasn’t ready to commit to a 10-year deal from Pittsburgh because he was unsure of his role with the team when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are both healthy and because it would have essentially ended any chance of playing with Eric at some point in their careers.


If a home is what he was looking for he sure has found one and the Hurricanes are thrilled to have him by stating:


“We are very pleased that Jordan has chosen to commit to the Hurricanes organization and to make North Carolina his home,” Rutherford said in a statement. “At 23 years old he is just starting to come into his prime, and he now represents a cornerstone of our franchise for the long term.”