We are now a few weeks into free agency and Rick Nash is still out there, what gives?

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With being a few weeks into the free agency fiasco you would think a big name guy like this would have went like a Chinese fire drill.  To everyone’s surprise he is still on the market and supposedly has a top 6 pick of teams that he will go to and here’s the catch they have to have great centers.



The top six teams still remain the same the New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers or the Boston Bruins.  Better yet lets spell it out for you, Patrice Bergeron and/or Tyler Seguin; Pavel Datsyuk; Brad Richards; Claude Giroux and/or Danny Briere; Sidney Crosby and/or Evgeni Malkin; and Joe Thornton.



I am getting a little anxious here and what this deal to get underway already so we all will have something to talk about for a few days.  I mean how long is he going to hold out for.  I say two teams Nash the Rangers or the Red Wings lets get this show on the road buddy.