Paulina Gretzky to cast a part in the movie Grown Ups 2

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According to a Sony spokesman, noted Internet celebrity Paulina Gretzky has been cast as a coed in the Growns Ups sequel set to be released in July of 2013. While on-set earlier this week the daughter of the Great One continued her streak of setting the Internet ablaze.



The photo I posted to other day for you guys of her and Kim Howe in their bikini’s you know this one was while they were on the set of the movie.  The first movie made $270 million and now with Paulina in a bikini I’m projecting bigger numbers when it hits the box office.  The movie will also star Stone Cold Steve Austin, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and Shaquille O’Neal but who cares about them, Paulina Gretzky guys come on.