…episode 2 aired AND Whitney got a t-shirt. Damn.

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The unthinkable has happened. Whitney Mixter, star of The Real L Word and all-around poser, is now on a t-shirt. Ugh. Arlan, one of my favorite bloggers in the world, has put the girl-loving-hustler on a t-shirt for sale. So for only $24.99 plus shipping and handling you too can join the 25 or s0 lesbians that will rep Whintey Mixter as their ‘dykon’. Arlan makes pretty cool stuff, like the ‘Carmen is my homogirl’ tee I bought to rep my fav over my boobies. And while not surprising, this really takes the sell-out cake. I can’t find a pic of me in my now-collectors-item tee, but here is an Alice/Leisha Hailey one she made years ago also.



Now…this post was going to be a recap of some of the ignorant and embarrassing goings on on TRLW this past week, but when I saw the shirt debacle, I had to divert my post!



I know, right?


Last week I highlighted the top ten moments for you in a post here. This week I was going to do the same, but so many stupid, embarrassing and obnoxious things happed on episode 2 that the note app on my smart phone actually filled up with gems such as…


1) Kiyomi dissing the clubs she is about to play by calling them crappy and their sound systems shitty. Look chick – I’m in a band and I would NEVER diss the club I’m playing – especially on TV. Are you dumb? I know about 500 girls that would be ready to line up and take your place. You’re disgustingly ungrateful. Who the F complains about playing SXSW? This jerk.




2) Oh – she is also borderline abusive and totally disrespectful to the girl she is ‘dating’ and basically everyone else around her. She talks shit about her band mate no matter what the girl does. She is bossy. She literally tells everyone  in her band to ‘shut the f— up’. Kiyomi is a grade A a$$-hole.

3) It’s 20 minutes in and I want to personally fight Kiyomi, kick Romi and slap Whitney.

4) HUNTER VALENTINE is not even from NY! So, Ilene Chaiken – explain again to me how they are repping NYC and Brooklyn? They record in Toronto, are from Toronto and are touring for the length of filming en route to Texas (and no doubt The Abby to suck Whitney’s dreads after that.) In fact, another thing Kiyomi complains about is that she is away 200 days out of the year. So, how are they NYC cool? (Can you see the steam coming out of my ears yet?)

5) Romi proved she literally is the dumbest girl on the show this week. I mean, I was expecting it but the crap she says is just priceless.  Some snippets include “I guess….I’m bisexual” and “it’s been years since I’ve had this kind of dick.” Self-explanatory asshole-ism.

5) Lauren and Armada are immature idiots too. They act how I did when I was single and 21 – and they are way older than that (and way older looking! Lay off the cigs and bleach girls!!) I wish they were off the show already.


(Wow, what a meeting of the minds.)


Okay thats about all my innards can take. Not much else happens. Rose makes a cameo and has one of the most unsexy sex conversations ever with Romi, we see Romi’s gross boobs a few times, Whintey and Sara get ‘engaged’ (yeah, right.) and we barely saw Cori and Kasey. (Just like in the publicity photo!)



I used to laughably hate this show, but now I’m beginning to loathe it. There are plenty of cool, hip, sexy, talented, dramatic, intelligent, engaging lesbians in NYC that could have repped on the show. And the LA ladies are just a hot mess this season. I want my Nikki & Jill back. I want my Tracy, Stamie – hell i’ll even take Mikey and Raquel. At least they were interesting. This season the show is just embarassingly bad.



We know Chanel. Good thing you and Saj are off the show!