wePUCKny’s top 5 Stanly Cup Rings taking you into the weekend

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With the weekend finally here I am sure everyone is ready to get out and party it up.  All of the hard work that you put in at your jobs you hope pays off, well all of the hard work  NHL players put in during the season certainly does and here is the proof in the pudding.  Here is wePUCKny’s top 5 Stanley Cup Rings to take you into the weekend.


Number 5



At number 5 starting it off for us this week we have the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions the Detroit Red Wings.


Number 4



Here is the Tampa Bay Lighting 2004 Stanley Cup beauty


Number 3



If you forgot yes the Ducks won a Cup and here is their 2007 Ring to prove it


Number 2



I know non of you forgot about this one, you know the one Crosby delivered on, here is the Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Ring.


Number 1



And wePUCKny’s Number 1 Stanley Cup ring taking you into the weekend is this beauty put together by the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions the Boston Bruins.  Can’t wait to see what the Kings are coming out with I’m sure its going to be gorgeous.


Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend, see you all on Monday.