Craig Gernett in police custody

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Craig Gernett, 33, walked into the Gateway Plaza McDonalds, on Sunrise Highway in Patchogue, on Saturday afternoon and threatened violence with a gun he pretended to be in possession of, unless the cashier handed over money.  Fearing for their lives, several hundred dollars were handed over by employees - and Gernett took off, but not without one final threat.  Det. Sgt. Timothy Gozaloff, of the 5th Pct, told reporters that the ex-con shouted something along the lines of Det. Sgt. ‘I’m still going to come back to kill you’ as he exited the restaurant.



The fast footed robber took off, dodging traffic, as he crossed 10 lanes of Sunrise Highway into a room of the Shore Motor Inn, 576 South Service Rd.  A witness to the crazed man running through traffic called 911, which led police right to his door.  He was still in possession of the stolen cash.  Gernett is wanted by the marshals for failure to return to a halfway house in Brooklyn. Gernett was living there after a stint in federal prison.  He was sentenced in 2006 to 110 months in prison after he pled guilty to 15 counts of robbery which were committed over three weeks back in September of 2004.  Locations included banks, drugstores and 7Eleven stores across Long Island and the NYC area.