Handsome grooms say ‘I do’ to gay marketing ploys!

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Target is no stranger to the same-sex support debate. Recently called under fire for donating lots of money to anti-equality Republican candidates, Lady Gaga pulled the sale of her album. They made amends, apologized and then a gay marketing damage control firestorm that is still  up and running. 


Target just released this picture of two grooms to show their openness with same-sex marriage and their same-sex registry. They also announced that they will soon be selling same-sex greeting cards. Nice. But don’t get all ‘awwww’ just yet.



Target’s headquarters are in Minnesota, a state that is soon about to vote on an amendment banning same-sex marriage. Sickening. Target refuses to take a stance on this issue and will NOT openly support equality. Instead they divert the inquiries by simply saying they encourage their employees to vote. They also shelved rapper Frank Ocean’s album a day or so after it was revealed that Ocean identified as bi and made a large public PR issue while outing himself regarding a song about his relationship with a man. Coincidence? Or not.


Then in June, they released Pride t-shirts. The shirts were only available on line and were released just in time for Pride parades all over the U.S. They also said that a position of the monies from the shirts would go to an LGBT charity. Guess what that portion was? About 1% of the overall profit. However they let us all think they are so gay friendly.



I found this picture, and I don’t know if it is fake, but it is cute.



Too bad Target is not the gay-friendly store we all really think it is (and want it to be). C’mon Target – take a side, take a stance. The equal one. Tell the state where you reside that it’s not okay to discriminate against it’s own people. You’ve got a bulls-eye, now get a spine. otherwise it’s just another example of a company riding the gay dollar just so they can use it against us.