Todd Bertuzzi’s civil suit against him has been pushed back until further notice

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I can’t believe this is still going on and I am sure most of you either don’t know what I am talking about or have just forgotten,  that’s how long ago it was.  Todd Bertuzzi is being sued in a Civil Suit by once Colorado Avalanche Steve Moore who was viciously hit from behind by Bertuzzi during a game back in 2004.



I know most of you are going Steve Moore who is he and Todd Bertuzzi played for the Vancouver Canucks?  Is this starting to refresh the memory of anyone else yet?  Bertuzzi snuck up from behind on Moore in retaliation after he delivered a hit on his team make Markus Nasland.  Bertuzzi was suspended indefinitely by the NHL but was later reinstated back in August of 2005.



Todd I thought you were a douche for that not going to lie, definately could have responded differently, like maybe a slash to the wrists or ankle not a punch to the back of the head leaving the guy with 3 fractured vertebrae and forced retirement.  Even thought I have grown to like you again your in some shit buddy and I hope you have incredible representation against Moore who is seeking #38 Million in damages.  Geez man there goes your NHL Salary.