Daniel Alfredsson will return to the NHL for his 17th season

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The verdict is in and Alfie will be returning to the Ottawa Senators for his 17th season in the NHL and all with the same team.  There was much speculation lingering around this decision on weather or not he will return because for himself and most it certainly looked like it was time for a curtain call.  The Senators made a state about Alfredsson and his decision to return by saying:


“Daniel is an exceptional captain whose commitment to his teammates and to the great City of Ottawa is second to none,” said owner Eugene Melnyk. “Daniel expects a lot out of himself both on and off the ice so I fully understand how important a decision this was for him and his family. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and look forward to Daniel having a great year and adding to his long list of extraordinary achievements with our hockey club.”



“I’m excited to get ready for another season,” said Alfredsson. “I’ve been training for about a month and a half and my body feels a lot further ahead of where it was last year at this point. I expect to come into camp stronger and fitter than I did last year.”



“I spoke to my family (about the decision to return) and we are all on the same page — if I am motivated to continue to play, then they will be supportive of me playing. It really came down to asking if I had the motivation to come back and be happy about the decision to return. I definitely feel that way and know that I am ready and have more in the tank to give.”


Even though I am not a huge Sens fan even though hometown boy Matt Gilroy skates with them, it is nice to see someone I grew up watching come back for one last hooray.   Good luck man and take it easy on NY this season.