Some big name free agents are still out there, how come no one wants to sign them?

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There is no doubt about it that the NHL is going to be an ever-changing league.  It has become more of a business than it is a sport. It is not so much about what the players want these days and more of a what the owners need and is it going to cost them money and a lot of it.  These players are no longer players in the eyes of owners and general managers, and more of an investment.  ”Am I going to pay a single individual amongst a sea top notch competitors more money then god? And will I get a return on my investment or will he be a bust?”



Amongst these “investments” are a few big time names still floating around as unsigned free agents, what give here man?  They are top players in the league, or shall I say with the youth taking over, were top players in the league.  Some of these names include Jason Arnott, Tomas Holstrom, Petr Sykora, and who else but Shane Doan.  All but one carry Stanley Cup Championships with them and just like that they are a little less valuable to an organization these days.



It is amazing to see players of this caliber go by the way side. They represent leadership, role players, and more than anything experience and can serve as a educational tool for the young guns on the roster. Is it age, is it money, or is it just time for these guys to hang them up and call it a day?



With training camp breathing down our necks stay following us as we keep you up to date on some more of the player movement going on in the league and where these guys will end up, if anywhere.