Barclay Center pushing hard to have Islanders call their new arena home

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Brooklyn Islanders? Let that marinate for a little bit, say it over again and again in your head.  Starting to sound good isn’t it?  I think it does and not for nothing whats another 25-30 minute ride to go sit in a new area with new fans and a better atmosphere.  Ratner is doing everything he can to get this deal done and give the Islanders a place to call home.


“I am trying like hell to get the Islanders to make Barclays Center their new hockey home,” Ratner told the New York Daily News (via ProHockeyTalk). “They will play a preseason game here against the Devils.”



With the lease at the Coliseum winding down it would nice to see this team finally get what they deserve and with Gary Bettman putting his guard down who knows what will happen.  With mass transit to get fans in and out of the arena and the Manhattan attraction could the Islanders become the new New York Rangers come 2015.


Sit tight and keep your fingers crossed.