Paulina Gretzky showing us some more of that dark side and we love it

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Could you think of a better way to start off your Friday morning then with wePUCKny’s favorite girl Paulina Gretzky?  I couldn’t, well maybe I could but it would involve a pretty girl a bucket of ice and a sand wedge but that’s an entirely different story.  Paulina recently sat down with Complex magazine and shared a little bit of her personal side and it doesn’t get more personal than having dad’s number tattooed onto her pelvis.



Yes, yes she is a sex symbol no questions about it but you have give the girl much respect for trying to get out of dads shadow and pave her own way no matter how she is doing it.  She has put herself right on the map and walked the fine line doing it.

Who cares let her do her thing, to all you haters out there, she is sexy but classy and keeps us on our toes so don’t ruin it for us. Here is a little video of what to expect in the complex issue with her in it.


I just cant seem to get enough.  Enjoy