Coyotes, Greg Jamison will not have enough money to run the team after the purchase

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So it looks like the Coyotes will be shipped straight out of Glensdale.  Not only does Greg Jamison not have enough money to purchase the team, he will not have enough fund to operate the team.   Guess no one thought about that one did they?  It’s all good and well that the team is yours but how are you going to pay the bills, dish out cash for payroll and keep the place in tip top shape.



Here we go with the speculation again that a deal can get done  still, blah blah, it’s not going to happen and the other thing that’s not going to happen is the time limit on Shane Doan, consider this guy signed to another team come the next week.  How do they expect Doan to continue to set up camp and make a living for his family with a team that may or may not be in the NHL next season.  Well in Phoenix anyway.



Will the NHL help Jamison out in lowering the price or at least coming up with a sweet finance deal so he can pay a staff in the off-season? We will have to see about that one, the other thing we need to see is if the NHL is going to have another lock out and if it does what does it do to the terms of the sale and Shane Doan.


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