The tater switch is causing french fry hysteria

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Unfortunately for Nathan’s they aren’t purposely trying to cause chaos in our lives, but that’s exactly what they’re doing now that they’ve been forces to change the type of potato used to create their oh so famous french fries.  That’s one of the golden rules, I’m not sure if you’re aware… Never mess with a person’s french fries!



The fries that we’ve all come to love over nearly a century are now being created with Russet potatoes ~ and it’s not pleasing the crowds at all.  Nathan’s says not to worry though, the change is temporary.  The crop of Katahdin potatoes that are typically used for their fries matured too early, resulting in a less than desirable product for Nathan’s at this point in time.  Trying to keep up with their standards, they’ve temporarily switched potato varieties.  Within another month there should be another crop of Katahdin potatoes available.