I love GAYmers!

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I love video games, GAYmers and gay people so I loved this picture! (It’s a pretty great play on that nasty video, I have to say.) I myself am a Play Station 2 gal (I just can’t let go of some of my old games!) and I still love to play Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man on my old school Nintendo! My friend Wanda had the pic up – she is an awesome GAYmer! (In case you didn’t know GAYmer is an official slag word and/or term used when describing yourself, likes, etc. It’s a good way to say you’re not just into hooking up on Grindr!) Check out this awesome tattoo Wanda got!



Shot out to all my gaymers out there  - email me and let me know what you’re playing or send me your cool gaYme tattoos and pics!