“Kelly Street Green” Project in the Bronx

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The Kelly Street Restoration is in search of an entrepreneur who wants to take on the task of converting 5 apartment buildings on Kelly Street, in the Bronx slum of Longwood, into a fresh food enterprise.  The development group is on the hunt for individual or an organization who’s up for the challenge of opening a new business in this location, like a healthy takeout restaurant for example.  There is 2,822 square feet of revamped commercial space at 935 Kelly St., with frontage on bustling E. 163rd St.



Whomever qualifies for the opportunity and is selected will be able to lease the space at a substantial discount ($7 per square foot which works out to be roughly 1/4 of market rate) and take advantage of up to $150,000 in grants and loans to cover any startup expenses.  In addition to those perks there will also be access granted to fruits and vegetables that are grown at a new community garden behind the buildings and on farms upstate.


The one chosen to operate all this will land themselves a rent-free apartment at 935 Kelly St, plus mentorship from successful Manhattan restaurateurs.  Not a bad deal!!  ”Kelly Green Street”, as the project is being called, is aimed to help out busy people, on the go, who want to eat healthier.


If you’re interested or for more information visit kellystgreen.com