The moment every bar-goer fears!

Keywords: weird news, break the seal, alcohol


We’ve all been there… It’s been a great night so far ~ you’ve enjoyed some beers ~ but, you feel something… it feels like you have to use the restroom.  Oh say it ain’t so!!!  It’s too soon, you can’t break the seal!!!  What does that mean anyway???  ”Breaking the seal” – the first time you use the bathroom after beer drinking which then leads to the need for constant bathroom breaks.  Is it real?  Or is it just in our heads?


Well, to start – yes it’s technically in your head… alcohol inhibits arginine vasopressin, also known as antidiuretic hormone or ADH.  ADH is created in the hypothalamus of the brain and stored and released from the pituitary gland. This fantastic chemical serves to conserve water in the body by reducing its loss in urine.  So without ADH working properly, and conserving water in our systems, excess water is being dumped into the bladder – therefore sending you to the John over and over again.



But the seal, what about the seal????   There really isn’t a seal… when you first begin drinking you still have ADH present in your system which allows for a slower “filling up of the bladder.”  As the night goes on, more and more drinks are consumed – more and more alcohol goes into the system – more and more ADH is blocked – and more and more peepee is produced.  Makes sense?  Good.  So stop holding it in thinking you’re doomed for an endless night of bathroom runs, that’s going to happen regardless!