Plates? So yesterday.. Naked bodies are what’s in

Keywords: Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Catalina Hotel, Miami


The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club are offering a controversial way to dine at their restaurant Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi.  Ditch the plates and eat directly off the naked bodies of some good looking men and women… all for the low cost of $500.  $500!!  To eat raw fish off of someone’s body.  I’m nauseated just from the thought.  But those interested can order up to 6 feet worth of sushi & sashimi.



In an interview with Local 10 News owner Nathan Lieberman said, “You basically get to dine off a naked human body. It’s mostly for groups, parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties.”  As long as there is no skin to food contact they are within FDA guidelines and Lieberman also assured everyone that the men and woman are scrubbed like surgeons before being decorated with the fish.  The offer is running through September 10th.

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club 1732 Collins Ave., South Beach, FL 33139 {305-674-1160}