Europeans beware, get a look at the KHL’s soon to be Superstar

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The NHL could have had him but they passed, Big mistake.  Could this be a blessing in disguise  for the soon to be KHL’s newest sensation forward Marc Mastropolokov?  Marc grew up in the mean streets of Holbrook where he razzled and dazzled all of the local talent before he brought his skills and speed elsewhere.


Pavel Bure eat your heart out.  You were the Russian Rocket, well he is Marc the Missile Mastropolokov.  Marc has been known to score a goal or two in his day and be on the bench drinking out of the water bottle before the goalie even knew the puck was in the back of the net.  Marc skates so fast that in pregame warmups once  he wanted to show off his John Stamos flow and before he knew it his hair blew off.


Keep your eyes peeled for this beauty as he takes over the KHL.