Swedish player Eric Przepiorka punches his coach and gets a “promotion”

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See what happens when you stick up for yourself an clock your coach, you get a promotion.  More like a demotion or is it? , this is one of the funniest stories I have heard in hockey in a long time except for some stories I have from road trips which I am sure are not censored for the internet.  Don’t worry one day I will get the green light and tell you all about them but for now back to the punch heard around the world.



Why did Eric Przepiorka punch his coach you ask?  simple he was removed from the power play during a preseason game.  It would appear he also said later that sitting at the bench was “[expletive] boring.”  Now because punching your coach in the face never gets you more playing time Przepiorka was cut from the team.


Eric Przepiorka was the big star in Olofström IK a club in the Swedish Division 1 (third tier). But after hitting his in own coach Tim Brithén during a preseason game versus Örebro on Saturday Przepiorka was released by his club.  The reason for the attack is said to be that “Prez” was furious after not getting enough ice time on the power play.

“We don’t really have anything to say about the situation more than that the coach so close to sacred you can be in a team. There are limits for what you can do. We as a club distances ourself from this and the situation would have been impossible”, manager Simon Skoog told Swedish hockey blog MrMadhawk.se about the decision to release Eric Przepiorka from his contract.

But don’t feel too bad for Przepiorka. He won’t be without a team long, as he’s rumoured to be joining Swedish club Asplöven of HockeyAllsvenskan, the second-tier league. Asplöven hasn’t confirmed the signing, but reliable Swedish blog Mr. Madhawk is reporting it.



Can you believe that?  punch your coach in the mouth and get promoted to a better division, not a bad wrap huh but was this done on purpose?  Second tier team needs big star but can’t get him out of his contract how can we pull this off, Oh, blast your coach in the face, easy enough.


Let this be a lesson guys you want something in life like to get that big raise punch your boss in the face.  Shit that sounds pretty cool, I might try that today, I’ll let you know how it goes.