KHL’s Russian Dynamo’s team rejects Alex Ovechkins idea of playing for the squad

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So it seems the Great one isn’t so great in his home town anymore.  Dynamo Moscow president Arkadi Rotenberg made news over the weekend when he said Alex Ovechkin “wasn’t necessary” for his reigning KHL champions, should the Washington Capitals star head to Russia during an NHL lockout.



This is a big shock to not only Ovechkin but his mother as well who was confused about the article that was put out.  Pretty much they have decided that the youth of the sport is more important than the great one himself and I agree.


Rotenberg told SovSport his reasons,and told them to Ovechkin’s mother as well:


“I think we don’t need Ovechkin. I even spoke to his mother. She called when she didn’t understand the article.

“His mom clarified: ‘Should he play for Dynamo for free and you will finance the youth sports academy with that money?’  But the point is in something else. When Safronov asked me about Ovechkin, I told him ‘We will not try to outbid for players. It’s better to spend that three million [dollars] that they would spend [on Ovechkin] on children. They are our future.’

“Alex’s mom asked: ‘And if he wants to play for another team where he would be paid differently?’ I replied: ‘Fair enough. But personally I am not prepared to spend money on it.’ ”



Moral of the story guys whether it’s in the United States or in Russia, the NHL or the KHL it’s all about MONEY!!