If NHL locks out Sidney Crosby may be going Malkin over in the KHL

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The KHL will become a lot more popular if this NHL lockout happens and I think it’s in the best interest of the league to get their act together.  A list of super star athletes will fill the rosters of many KHL teams if this lockout goes through bringing popularity to our counterpart and one name on that list that could boost the leagues ratings is no other then Sidney Crosby.



Rumor has it that not only Malkin but Crosby will be joining forces in Russian to keep the dynamic duo together instead of sit out a year of hockey.  Where they will play that is simple, Malkin’s hometown of [Metallurg] Magnitogorsk.  Now Crosby won’t be jumping ship right away but there is only so long that an athlete of his caliber can sit out of a sport he dedicates his life to for another year.  Even though there is a lot of speculation circulating this move in-particular can you blame these athletes for going to play?


I don’t at all.  We will for sure hear haters put their two cents in though about people selling out etc, etc and I am will and can’t wait to argue about that.


Stay posted with us as we learn more about he lockout and who will be jumping ship to the KHL.