wePUCKny’s Top 5 Stupid Gary Bettman Facial Expressions taking us into the Weekend

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Well guys I know we haven’t done this in a while but I couldn’t hold back going into Labor Day weekend and with all the buzz of this lockout. Now I know I am not the only one on this bandwagon of being a Gary Bettman Hater, so what better way to go into the weekend then with the TOP 5 stupid Gary Bettman Facial Expressions?


Number 5


Number 4



Number 3



Number 2



Hey Gary Pucker up and kiss the NHLPA’s Ass Baby !!


Number 1



And the Numnber 1 most stupid Facial Expression by no other than Gary Bettman taking us into the weekend.  Umm Gee how could I mess it up for the greatest game in the world this year.  Oh I got it, I will keep taking a raise and screw everyone else over, I like that idea.


I hope everyone enjoys the weekend be safe and see you all on Tuesday Morning!!