Here is a little tribute to the New York Rangers, and I’ll take it!!!

Keyword: new york rangers, tribute, tehmeena afzal



So this morning I wake up to a text message from one of my favorite hockey parents saying check this video out of Tehmeena Afzal. I said ” Tehmeena Afzal, who the hell is that?”  and now  all I have to say it THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  If there isn’t going to be a season then hell I’ll take this.  Tehmeena Afzal might not know anything about hockey and yes she is wearing figure skates and yes she is holding a Sidney Crosby stick even though she is wearing a Rangers shirt but the one thing she  does know  how to do is make the flex on my stick stiff.  Enjoy the 3 minutes and 47 seconds of seduction.