While the NHL is on Lockout ESPN takes advantage of the KHL

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Hello everyone and sorry for my absence, you can say that I am on lockout myself.  I am taking a stand along with the players, HAHA, but it is time to get back in the game.  ESPN certainly wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity like this one pass them by  were they, by broadcasting KHL games while the NHL is in a lockout.  How much longer can this go one, and will the league ever get back to where it was last year to salvage a season?



I sure do hope so because let me tell you something, I sat down on my couch last night after getting home to tune into the Dynamo game and boy was it boring as hell.  There is no fore-checking, no grinding in the corners, the fans chants suck I think because I don’t know what their even saying. Don’t get me wrong there is decent flow to the game and some pretty moves but it does not hold a candle to the NHL that’s for sure.  NHL, p-p-please come back to us because I can not take much more.