Look how pretty!

Keyword: rainbow nails, nail art, marble nails

Ooooooh, look how prettttty!  These are perfect summer nails, don’t you think?  I know my girl over at wePRIDEny will love them! How do you get nails like this?  Simple!  it’s the marbleizing technique I posted a few months ago.  Don’t remember?  Click here! Rainbow Brite would absolutely love nails like this, don’t you think?


All you need is a cup of water, scotch tape, toothpicks, and your nail polishes.

Check out these NEON rainbow nails.  Oops….did I say neon?  That’s illegal, no? ;)


What goes great with these nails? Some rainbow swirled cupcakes!  Find out how to make those at weEATny.com