Practice makes perfect!

Keyword: braiding, learning hair, practicing

On Monday I posted the article Why Is Braiding So Hard? I was a frustrated stylist who just couldn’t get my fingers right when it came to doing anything more than a classic braid.  After buying my head and practicing all week between clients…I am not a braiding professional!! haha  I wish I had taken a picture of the first one I tried to do so you could see the improvement, but trust me when I say that it didn’t look this good!


I have even mastered the waterfall braid which is become oh-so-popular as of late.  My confidence as a bridal stylist has reached an all time high!!  I only have my good friend, Dusti to thank for this! Okay, okay…I guess I should thank all my fans/readers who were kind enough to send me messages of encouragement! I am still working on my inside out braid. You know, the one that sits on top! That one takes a lot of thinking.  But I’ll get it ;)

On another note, I forgot how fun these heads could be! Mom came home to a surprise guest sleeping in her bed last night.  Almost had a heart attack!  Sorry, Mom!