Suave Keratin Infusion Treatment is discontinued for good reason!

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Keratin Treatments are the newest chemical treatment that helps keep your hair smooth from frizz. Prices on treatments done in a salon rage anywhere from $100-$300. More recently, companies have been putting out over the counter kertain products for much less. Though results don’t claim to be as amazing as a professional job, for some people its better for the sheer fact that it saves them money. It’s the same as buying boxed dye and doing it yourself!


However,  is it worth saving money when doing it yourself means loss of hair?! Suave Professional Keratin Infusion has quite a problem on their hands these days. Apparently several of their consumers have claimed the their hair has fallen out prior to use. Others say that their hair has been badly damaged. There were a few good reviews, but they were hard to come by through all the negative ones.  Here are just a few of the reviews that I found while searching online.


“I applied the first out of 3 tubes into my hair and within minutes my hair was falling off in chunks. I immediately washed out my hair with more chunks coming out into the bath tub. I put the second tube on because it is supposed to seal the cuticle then I flew into my hairdressers salon on to have her chop ALL OF MY HAIR OFF (Approx 6 inches) and she told me that she had never seen hair do this before”


“I used the Suave Keratin Infusion kit on my hair and it is ruined…f-r-i-e-d. I did this about 2 weeks ago and everyday my hair is a little shorter in certain area’s. All the way around my face my hair is breaking off. I didn’t have bangs but now I do and they are getting shorter by the day. I’ve tried heavy conditioners to help but nothing seems to help. It took me about 5 years to grow my hair out this long and now it is gone. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and rethink my decision.”


“I used the product and I worked great. People have been complemeting my hair. I have had professional keratin treatments in the past and is comperable.”


“I HAD beautiful Italian hair, I saw the ad on Tv , their ad is false and misleading, you are lead to believe it’s a keratin smoothing conditioning treatment….I am horrified by the way my hair looks. I’ve had to cut inches off and the remaining looks kinky, dry and damaged”


“I used this shit product last week, JUST for 5 minutes and my hair was falling during the process like I put some acid on it… I washed it very quickly but the damaged was done.”


“I just used this product this morning and it turned out great! Hair is real smooth and soft. I usually use jon freida products to straighten my hair and it will usually leave it feeling heavy. Don’t get me wrong frieda products are great I just love how suave left my hair. Soft and smooth and straight!”

Apparently this product, which you can get for just $12.99 isn’t a keratin treatment at all.  It is more like a perm solution.  It makes sense since a lot of the reviews I read talk about a rotten egg smell. There is the tiniest bit of keratin in one of the products which legally allows them to advertise it as a keratin treatment.  It is FDA approved!  This is why I believe these types of treatments should be left only to professionals.  If someone wants their hair de frizzed that badly, they will come up with the money to pay a stylist to do it. Is it worth putting yourself in danger just to safe a few bucks?


Suave has discontinued the product and is offering services to those with issues, which is the stand up thing to do, but if a product like this never existed, we wouldn’t be in this position. (But then again, I wouldn’t have an article to share with you then ;)    Kidding!) I did read about several people starting action suits, whether they go anywhere…I guess we will wait and see!